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Primewell Tires Review: Average Tires Overall


Are Primewell tires any good? Who makes Primewell tires? These are some of the questions one might ask when looking for new tires for their vehicle. In this article, I’ll provide my honest Primewell tires review and a list of the best Primewell tires available.

I remember the first time I heard about Primewell tires, and like many others in the American market, I was skeptical. The main cause of this skepticism was the belief that the brand is a knock-off or low-quality product, primarily because it is a Chinese firm. However, not all brands from China are counterfeit, and this assumption is not always accurate.

Primewell tires are, in fact, manufactured in China and sold in various markets worldwide. Some of the prominent brands that source their tires from Primewell’s distributor include Firestone, Expert Tire, and Wheel Works.

While these renowned brands trust Primewell, does that mean you should too?

I suggest you don’t rush when deciding to buy these tires.

Yes, they don’t cost much and you can use them in any weather, but there are a few things I’m not quite sure about.

In this article, I’m going to look at the good things and the not-so-good things about Primewell tires. So, let’s get started and find out more.

Top 5 Best Primewell Tires Review

Primewell PS890 Touring Review

Primewell Ps890 Touring

Best All-season Tire

The Primewell PS890 touring is the best option for any weather. This gives you a fulfilling driving experience no matter the conditions. Plus, the tire is known for making minimum sounds and even has superior traction.

On the other hand, Primewell PS890 has a fantastic tread compound and pattern. These features work hand in hand to improve traction performance.

Whether you are on the dirt or snow, your car still maintains the same horsepower. And if you’re worried about your vehicle skidding off the road, then Primewell PS890 is the brand to buy.

It comes with a skid-proof feature to ensure you’re stable around the corners. Even on sharp corners, your car will maintain the same stability. Thanks to the blocks which have been added to the tread.

The brand also reduced the vibration on the road, and you won’t feel a thing while driving. That guarantees a smooth drive. Let’s also not forget the hydroplaning that makes the tires perfect for wet roads.


  • It has an excellent hydroplaning resistance
  • Perfect for wet traction
  • It has good traction and braking on dry surfaces


  • Primewell has a short treadlife and no treadwear warranty

Primewell Valera AT Review

Primewell Valera At Tire Review

Best All-Terrain Tire

  • Primewell Valera comes with a 50,000 miles treadwear warranty
  • The tires are ideal for snow tractions 
  • Gives an outstanding performance on hardpack roads 
  • It offers stability on sharp corners

The Primewell Valera A/T is the best option if you want all-terrain tires. It works perfectly on hardpacked surfaces and offers an outstanding grip, whether on dry, water, or snowy roads. Plus, the balance on dry and wet handling is excellent, and you’ll enjoy your drive.

Moreover, the manufacturers have incorporated advanced noise-canceling technology. This is found in the tread bock design; thus, you’ll enjoy a comfortable and quieter drive regardless of the terrain.


  • Primewell Valera comes with a 50,000 miles treadwear warranty
  • The tires are ideal for snow tractions 
  • Gives an outstanding performance on hardpack roads 
  • It offers stability on sharp corners


  • It feels cumbersome while driving on the road
  • The brand isn’t ideal for mud or rock-crawling  
  • The noise cancellation doesn’t work since it’s noisy on the highway

Primewell Valera HT Review

Primewell Valera Ht Tire Review

Best Highway Tire for SUVs and Trucks

  • It’s affordable
  • Offers a high performance on wet surfaces
  • Primewell Valera HT gives you a smooth ride on uneven surfaces
  • It offers good traction and braking as well 

The Primewell Valera H/T is ideal for highway use on SUVs and Trucks. The tire provides one with unparallel performance under any condition. Moreover, if you’re driving under wet and dry weather, you’ll enjoy excellent traction and stability.

The Primewell Valera HT also offers responsive steering at all times and a consistent level of performance. The brand provides a smooth ride quality and is durable, making it pocket friendly.

However, the tire is slight noise while on the highway; thus, your drive might be a bit uncomfortable.


  • It’s affordable
  • Offers a high performance on wet surfaces
  • Primewell Valera HT gives you a smooth ride on uneven surfaces
  • It offers good traction and braking as well 


  • The firm specifies no tread warranty
  • It has unresponsive handling with no road feedback 
  • It noisy while driving on the highway

Primewell PV600 Review

Primewell Valera Ht Tire Review

Best Light-Truck and Van Tires

  • Primewell PV600 is strong and durable
  • It’s affordable and has good traction on wet roads
  • It’s stable on the highway and can support heavy loads

If you’re in search of Van or light-Truck tires, Primewell PV600 is the best.

Primewell PV600 has been built to last and handle any terrain regardless of the conditions. The fantastic thing about the tire is it improves support and structure.

That helps with accommodating extra weight or load for stability. Plus, the PV600 is resistant to wear, giving you value for your cash.


  • Primewell PV600 is strong and durable
  • It’s affordable and has good traction on wet roads
  • It’s stable on the highway and can support heavy loads


  • It’s not advisable to use it on snow traction

Primewell All-Season Review

Primewell All Season Tire Review

Best All-Season Passenger-Car Tire

  • Primewell All-Season tire are affordable 
  • Offer high performance while in wet conditions making it safe
  • Has stability while on the highway or streets
  • It’s quiet, making it comfortable

The Primewell All-Season tire is best for passenger vehicles and minivans. The brand has zig-zag sipes and four circumferential grooves.

The features are responsible for high performance and stability under any condition. The symmetric tread has an attractive design and improves water drainage. This prevents the vehicle from skidding under wet conditions.

Plus, the sipes enhance grip on the road, and the larger shoulder blocks help improve performance and handling while the variable pitch tread lowers tread pattern noise. That makes your drive smooth and quiet.


  • It’s affordable 
  • Offer high performance while in wet conditions making it safe
  • Has stability while on the highway or streets
  • It’s quiet, making it comfortable


  • It’s not responsive 
  • The brand’s treadlife is average

Why Choose Primewell Tires

Purchasing a tire is not a walk in the park; you need to be smart about it. That’s something I have learned over the years. However, when it comes to Primewell, they have made a name for themselves in the market.

Their brands are known for being unique and of quality design. One of their renewed brands is the touring tires designed for crossovers, cars, sedans, and compact cars. Their tires are mostly developed for driving on the street and not racing.

Plus, the brand is known for producing all-season and summer tread tires. However, there are no winter tires. That said, what are the things to consider when looking for a new tire? Below are things to consider before purchasing.

Tread Wear

Purchasing a tire requires a bit of capital since it’s not cheap. But that doesn’t mean they should be expensive than your car. For this reason, you need a tire that has a longer treadlife and within your budget. 

Besides, various factors determine your treadlife, and one of them is the terrain you drive on.

A good example is driving on a gravel road the tires will wear faster than expected. Which begs the question, how does one tell the treadlife? 

The treadlife of a tire is measured according to the model in question. The lifespan of All-Season tires falls between 40,000-100,000 miles. But if you seek a high-performance all-season tire, their lifespan is lower. 

On the other hand, when it comes to summer tires, the treadlife is 20,000 miles. However, the manufacturers’ estimates depend on the conditions to which the tires were subjected to. 

Therefore, expect a tire to have a treadlife of about 2 – 3years regardless of the miles stated. That’s under normal conditions.      

Fuel Economy

The fuel price keeps fluctuating from time to time. Hence it would help if you had a tire that’s fuel-efficient. But are there any fuel-efficient tires? That is the big question? Well, there are fuel-efficient brands, though it is dependent on the latest tech used in manufacturing.  

The gains from the use of the tech are as much as 10% over other brands. Though gaining a 10+ in fuel consumption is a good thing, it comes at the expense of performance. I would recommend inflating the tires with the right pressure. That makes it fuels efficient and maintains the needed performance. 

Manufacturing Date

The manufacturing date matters a lot and those who have ignored this aspect paid a huge price. That starts with the vehicle being unstable and the tire busting while traveling on a long-distance. Such instances lead to fatal accidents which could be avoided. Not forgetting the insurance claims which take months or years to be approved.

Hence, check the manufacturing date of the brand before purchasing. Look at the sidewall for a set of numbers. For example, if you see the number “4015,” it means the brand was manufactured on the 40th week in 2015. 

A tire has a lifespan of ten years, whether used or not. Once the time lapses, it should be replaced and rendered useless to avoid accidents on the road. 

Primewell Tires Pros

  1. Affordability: Primewell tires are known for being budget-friendly, making them an attractive option for cost-conscious consumers.
  2. Variety: The brand offers a diverse range of tire models designed for different vehicle types and driving conditions, providing options for various preferences and needs.
  3. Reliability: Many users find Primewell tires to be reliable in terms of everyday performance, delivering satisfactory traction, handling, and braking capabilities.
  4. Global Presence: As part of Giti Tire, a major global tire manufacturer, Primewell benefits from the company’s extensive industry experience and widespread availability.
  5. Decent Tread Life: Primewell tires generally offer respectable tread life, especially when properly maintained through regular rotations and inflation checks.
  6. Suitable for Standard Driving Conditions: Primewell tires are well-suited for standard commuting and general driving, providing a cost-effective solution for drivers with everyday transportation needs.
  7. Responsive Handling: Many users report satisfactory handling characteristics, contributing to a positive driving experience across different road conditions.

While Primewell tires may not offer the advanced features or performance of higher-end brands, their affordability and reliability make them a practical choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking dependable tires for routine driving.

Primewell Tires Cons

  1. Limited Performance Options: Primewell tires may not provide the same level of performance as premium tire brands, and enthusiasts or those seeking high-performance capabilities may find other brands more suitable.
  2. Tread Wear on Certain Models: Some users have reported that certain Primewell tire models may experience quicker tread wear compared to more expensive alternatives, especially under heavy or challenging driving conditions.
  3. Road Noise: While noise levels can vary among tire models, some Primewell tires may produce more road noise than higher-end competitors, potentially impacting the overall driving experience.
  4. Limited Winter Traction: Certain Primewell models may not offer the same level of traction in winter conditions as specialized winter tires. Drivers in snowy or icy regions may need to consider this limitation.
  5. Not Ideal for Extreme Conditions: Primewell tires may not be the best choice for off-road or extreme driving conditions. Users with specific performance or terrain requirements might need to explore other tire options.
  6. Brand Perception: Primewell is often perceived as a budget-friendly option, and some consumers may associate it with lower quality compared to premium tire brands, impacting the brand’s overall image.
  7. Limited Warranty Coverage: While warranties can vary, Primewell’s warranty coverage may not be as extensive as some higher-priced competitors, potentially affecting long-term cost considerations.
  8. Availability of Sizes and Models: Depending on your vehicle and specific requirements, the availability of certain sizes or models of Primewell tires may be more limited compared to more established brands.

While Primewell tires offer affordability and reliability, potential buyers should consider these cons and evaluate whether the brand aligns with their driving preferences, conditions, and expectations.

Primewell Tire Price

Primewell tires are generally known for being budget-friendly. However, tire prices can vary based on factors such as the tire model, size, and the retailer’s pricing strategy. It’s important to note that tire prices are subject to change over time, and newer models may be introduced.

For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it’s recommended to check with authorized Primewell tire dealers, online retailers, or the official Primewell website. Prices may also vary based on geographical location, promotions, and discounts offered by retailers. Additionally, keep in mind that installation costs, warranties, and other services may contribute to the overall expense when purchasing tires.


Are primewell tires good?

Yes, Primewell tires are the best if you’re searching for a cheap option with high-quality features. These are features any car owner would love. Besides, the brand provides you with various brands to select from whether you want a truck, van, or passenger vehicle tires.

How bad are Primewell tires?

Primewell tires are not bad since they offer perfect handling and traction on wet and dry roads. However, I would suggest getting Firestone, Bridgestone Potenza, or Michelin Pilot Sport tires when it comes to aggressive driving.

Are Walmart tires good?

Walmart is the best place to shop for tires, whether shopping off-line or online. The store presents one with various brands to select from. The brands on the shelves are genuine and pocket-friendly. Despite being cheap, the brands still maintain the same tread and patterns.

Who makes Primewell tires?

Primewell tires are manufactured by Giti Tire, a global tire company headquartered in Singapore. Giti Tire is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, producing a wide range of tires for various vehicles, including passenger cars, SUVs, trucks, and more. Primewell is one of the brands under the Giti Tire umbrella, offering affordable and reliable tire options for different driving needs.

How long do Primewell tires last?

The lifespan of Primewell tires can vary depending on factors such as driving conditions, maintenance, and the specific model of tire. On average, Primewell tires are designed to provide good tread life and durability. With proper care, regular rotation, and alignment checks, you can typically expect Primewell tires to last for a respectable mileage range, often in line with industry standards. It’s important to refer to the specific tire model and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance to optimize the lifespan of your Primewell tires.

Final Verdict

Primewell tires are the cheapest in the market, and if you are running on a tight budget, it’s the brand to use. Plus, you stand to enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable ride due to the noise reduction feature incorporated in its manufacturing.  

The brands are known for being safe and having reliable handling and braking. That said, the Primewell brands are not ideal for aggressive driving since they lose grip faster. Hence, use the tires for daily driving. Though the brand doesn’t bring anything useful to the table in terms of performance and technology, they are user-friendly. 


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