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Ride in Style: 10 Best UTV Tires for a Smooth Off-Road Adventure


UTVs (utility task vehicles), also known as side-by-sides, have become immensely popular in recent years for both work and recreation. UTVs are off-road vehicles with four or more wheels, seating for two or more people side-by-side, and a cargo bed in the back.

UTVs are used extensively on farms, ranches, and work sites for hauling equipment, materials, and workers. They provide more comfort and versatility than a standard ATV. Recreationally, UTVs are perfect for off-roading, camping trips, hunting excursions, and exploring the outdoors.

With the dramatic rise in UTV ownership, having proper tires has become extremely important. UTV tires impact performance, handling, comfort and most importantly, safety.

Quality tires provide essential traction and grip for the varied terrains UTVs are operated on. They protect against flats, impacts and enable smooth rides. Owners should carefully consider their needs when choosing UTV tires.

Proper tire maintenance and inspection is also critical. This guide will provide an overview of the top and best UTV tires option to enable owners to make informed decisions.

With a clear understanding of your criteria, let’s delve into the realm of off-road adventures by exploring the top 10 best UTV tires currently available in the market. The curated list presented below comprises models that come highly recommended and have been tested and trusted by fellow UTV enthusiasts.

These tires have garnered the approval of drivers who, much like yourself, seek performance, durability, and reliability in their off-road experiences. By relying on our carefully chosen selection, you can be confident that these UTV tires are not only endorsed by the community but are also poised to meet and exceed your specific requirements, ensuring a seamless and exhilarating ride through diverse terrains.

Benefits of Quality Best UTV Tires

Purchasing high-quality best UTV tires offers riders several key benefits compared to cheap or inferior tires. The right tires can dramatically improve your UTV’s performance, safety, and ride quality. Here are some of the top benefits of investing in best UTV tires:

Traction on Different Terrain

A quality best UTV tires will provide excellent traction on various terrains from hard pack and dirt to mud, sand, gravel, and rocks. The deep tread pattern bites into loose ground for enhanced forward and braking grip. This allows you to confidently drive on trails and uneven terrain without getting stuck. Quality tread compound also maintains flexibility to conform to surfaces, maximizing contact for traction.

Ride Comfort

Premium and best UTV tires absorb bumps and vibrations thanks to cushioning sidewalls and shock-damping tread. This creates a smooth, comfortable ride quality even on rough trails. Tires engineered specifically for UTV use provide optimal flex and cushioning for the vehicle’s suspension setup. Properly inflated quality tires also prevent bouncing and instability during rides.

Handling and Control

The tread pattern, tread stiffness, and tire composition of high-end best UTV tires enable responsive, accurate steering and handling. Tires grip the ground tenaciously during cornering for confident maneuverability. Stiff sidewalls resist distorting under load, giving a sense of control when driving aggressively or at high speeds. Quality tires also maintain stability over obstacles and uneven ground.

Durability and Puncture Resistance

Top best UTV tires are extremely durable to withstand off-road abuse from rocks, stumps, and debris. Sturdy sidewall construction resists impact damage. The tread compound stays flexible even in cold weather yet provides high heat resistance in extreme conditions. Many premium tires also incorporate puncture-resistance technology to prevent flats from thorns and sharp objects. With proper maintenance quality UTV tires can last through thousands of rugged miles.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Best UTV Tires

When shopping for new best UTV tires, there are several key factors to take into account:

  • Tire Type – UTV tires come in either radial or bias-ply construction. Radial tires typically provide better tread life, ride comfort, handling, and fuel economy compared to bias-ply. However, bias-ply tires may offer more puncture resistance. Consider your usage and needs.
  • Tread Pattern – The tread pattern you choose should match how you plan to use your UTV. For aggressive trail riding, choose an aggressive tread for maximum traction. For flat desert terrain, large block or paddle tires work well. For mixed usage, an all-terrain pattern is ideal.
  • Load Rating – Verify your tires have a load rating that meets or exceeds the weight of your fully loaded vehicle. This spec is typically molded into the tire sidewall. Going for a higher load rating provides a safety buffer.
  • Speed Rating – Just like your vehicle has a top speed, so do your tires based on their speed rating. Choose a speed rating at least as high as your vehicle’s top speed to ensure safe handling, braking, and heat resistance. Exceeding the tire’s speed rating is unsafe.

Taking the time upfront to evaluate these key criteria will ensure you get the right and best UTV tires tailored to your specific needs and usage. With the right tires, you’ll get improved traction, handling, durability, and peace of mind.

UTV vs. ATV Similarities

Utility Task Vehicles (UTVs) and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) share several similarities as they are both designed primarily for off-road use. Here’s a brief look at their common characteristics:

  • Purpose: UTVs and ATVs are built to handle rough terrains that regular vehicles can’t manage. They’re used for both work (like farming, hunting, etc.) and recreational activities (such as trail riding and racing).
  • Terrain Versatility: Both are versatile, capable of navigating through mud, sand, rocky paths, and forests. They’re excellent choices for tackling off-road trails and harsh conditions.
  • Design: Both UTVs and ATVs share rugged, open designs with large off-road capable tires and high ground clearance.
  • Safety: Given the off-road use, both come with safety features designed to handle rough terrains and prevent rollovers and accidents.

It’s essential to note that while UTVs and ATVs share these similarities, they have several key differences influencing their use, control, comfort, and capacity, which make them more suitable for different tasks and terrain types.

Top 10 Best UTV Tires Review: A Comprehensive Guide

Choosing the right tires is crucial for UTV performance and safety. After extensive research and testing, here are our top 10 Best UTV tires pick:

Maxxis Carnivore Review

Maxxis Carnivore Best Utv Tires

Ultimate Off-road Tire

Maxxis Carnivore is our top choice for aggressive riding with its puncture-resistant 6-ply radial construction and sturdy tread pattern. It provides excellent traction in mud, rocks, and trails while still remaining smooth on hard-packed surfaces. We found the sidewalls durable enough for hard riding yet flexible for a comfortable ride. An excellent all-around UTV tire.

When it comes to tackling extreme terrains, the Maxxis Tire Carnivore proves itself as a game-changer in the world of ATV/UTV tires. This all-terrain super tire has the perfect balance of toughness, control, and longevity, making it the go-to tire for off-road ventures.

Constructed with an eight-ply radial carcass, the Carnivore stands for extreme durability. Apart from dishing out a high level of control on and off the road, this tire can also withstand heavier loads and higher speeds. Simply put, no off-road adventure is too demanding for your trusted ATV or UTV with the Carnivore on!

One unique characteristic of the Carnivore is its special rubber compound. Designed to provide excellent traction on an array of surfaces, like rocks, roots, and mud, it ensures that you can smoothly navigate through the harshest environments. Whether you’re traversing the unforgiving desert terrain or rolling on a dirt road, the Carnivore has you covered.

Impressively enough, this tire doesn’t just excel in harsh terrains, it’s also a great gravel and hard pack surface option. This makes the Carnivore a fantastic investment, suitable for diverse landscapes.

The Carnivore reflects longevity – it boasts excellent treadwear, ensuring prolonged usage without compromise. This feature is a testament to its design inspiration: light truck tires. By applying the principles of heavy-duty off-road truck tires to ATV/UTV sizes, the Carnivore elevates the bar for ATV/UTV tires.

What’s more, the Carnivore is versatile. It’s available in 14” and 15” rim diameters and high flotation tire sizes ranging from 28” to 32′. This makes it suitable for a range of ATVs and UTVs. Plus, when it’s time for that adrenaline-fueled off-road experience, you can start with a tread depth of 28/32′.

In short, the Maxxis Carnivore doesn’t just promise a thrilling experience, it truly delivers. It’s your robust companion, capable, versatile, and ready to conquer any terrain. So, when planning your next off-road escapade, make no compromises, go for the Carnivore!


  • Rugged all-terrain tire suitable for extreme terrains
  • Eight-ply radial carcass for enhanced durability and control
  • Ability to support heavier loads and higher speeds
  • Special rubber compound offers superb traction on various surfaces
  • Suitable for hard pack surfaces and gravel
  • Excellent treadwear for prolonged use
  • Inspired by light truck tires for improved features
  • Available in multiple rim diameters and high flotation tire sizes
  • Versatile and compatible with a range of ATVs and UTVs


  • May be more expensive than its competitors
  • Not designed for use on paved roads or highways
  • Performance on icy or snowy terrains may be limited
  • May be heavier than other tire options due to its thick construction
  • Traction may not be as strong in deep mud compared to dedicated mud tires

GBC Dirt Commander Review

Gbc Dirt Commander 2.0 Jpg

Tackling Sandy Terrain and Dunes

For tackling sandy terrain and dunes, the GBC Dirt Commander stands out with its unique paddle-like tread pattern. The staggered shoulder tread helps propel the UTV through soft sand while the wraparound tread pattern provides stability and traction for sidehill riding. The 8-ply rating makes this a very durable tire.

Introducing the GBC Dirt Commander – a tire that embodies the relentless strength and durability your quad craves for its off-road endeavors. Wherever your adventures lead, the Dirt Commander ATV/UTV tire steps up to the challenge, offering a performance that stands out in the crowd.

Crafted with an eight-ply bias construction, this tire boasts a robust body carcass that outshines its counterparts in puncture resistance. Going beyond surface-level toughness, the Dirt Commander incorporates deep siping and biting edges to ensure superior traction and performance across diverse terrains. Its large void ratio efficiently clears away unwanted debris, mud, dirt, and rocks, making it a reliable companion for every off-road excursion.

Versatility is the name of the game for the Dirt Commander. From rocks to mud, dirt to creek beds, grass to steep ledges, this tire fearlessly tackles a spectrum of off-road surfaces. The combination of aggressive lugs, deep siping, and a purposefully engineered tread design allows the Dirt Commander to dominate any terrain with ease.

Adding an extra layer of assurance, dimpled lugs enhance traction and stability, enabling you to confidently navigate your chosen path. The Dirt Commander doesn’t just stop at brawn; its innovative compound, featuring natural rubber, reduces internal heat and increases mechanical resistance, ensuring a prolonged lifespan.

Available in diameters ranging from 12” to 14”, the Dirt Commander accommodates a variety of ATVs/UTVs. As your off-road journey begins, rest assured with the starting tread depth of 27/32”, providing optimal grip and treadwear right from the get-go. Buckle up, rev your engine, and let the Dirt Commander redefine your off-road experience, one adventure at a time.


  • Eight-ply construction ensures exceptional puncture resistance
  • Deep siping and biting edges for excellent off-road performance
  • Conquers rocks, mud, dirt, and steep landscapes effortlessly
  • Large void ratio clears out debris, mud, dirt, and rocks effectively
  • Dimpled lugs enhance traction and stability on diverse terrains
  • New compound with natural rubber reduces internal heat, ensuring a longer lifespan
  • Available in 12”-14” diameters, catering to a range of ATVs/UTVs
  • Starting tread depth of 27/32” provides secure traction from the start


  • The robust construction may result in a stiffer ride
  • Some ATV/UTV models may not find an exact match
  • Advanced features come at a higher cost
  • Deep siping and aggressive lugs may increase tread noise
  • The tire’s durability may contribute to extra weight
  • Not optimized for on-road performance

ITP Mud Lite AT Review

Itp Mud Lite At Review

Mud Terrain All-Season Tire

The Mud Lite AT from ITP is designed for all-terrain use, especially muddy conditions. The angled center tread helps clean out mud while the staggered shoulder lugs provide traction. This 6-ply tire has an adaptive compound for hard rocks yet remains smooth on trails. We found it balanced and stable at high speeds.

Meet the ITP Mud Lite AT – the go-to mud terrain, all-season tire designed for the rugged adventures of ATVs and UTVs. Picture this: tackling soft, loose, and uneven terrains with ease, especially thriving in the muckiest of conditions. How? Well, it’s all in the tread. The high void ratio and strategic tread lug placement elevate its off-road gripping prowess, ensuring a reliable ride through challenging landscapes. And the sidewall pattern? It’s not just for show – it propels the tire forward in deep mud and loose dirt, leaving you confidently in control.

But it’s not all about the mud – the Mud Lite AT is committed to delivering a smooth, comfortable drive. The directional tread pattern and lug placement work together to enhance surface contact, absorbing shocks and eliminating vibrations. So, whether you’re navigating rocky trails or cruising through mud pits, the Mud Lite AT ensures an enjoyable driving experience.

Now, let’s talk longevity. This tire isn’t just a one-time thrill – it’s in it for the long haul. The wear-resistant compound and optimal footprint significantly slow down tread wear, preventing uneven patterns. The high void ratio even fends off stones, ensuring your tire’s casing remains unharmed. With damage prevention and extended tread life, the Mud Lite AT promises not just durability but a prolonged period of usability.

But here’s the fine print – this tire is built for off-road adventures, not your everyday highway commute. With a biased ply construction, it’s ready to conquer the wild terrains, not the smooth asphalt. And remember, in the world of ATV tires, even if they share a size, there can be slight visual differences between brands and models. So, buckle up for the off-road thrill, but keep in mind: “NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE.” This Mud Lite AT is all about the untamed trails and muddy escapades – so go ahead, get a little dirty, and enjoy the ride.


  • Exceptional Off-Road Performance in Mud
  • Superior Grip with High Void Ratio
  • Forward Propulsion in Deep Mud
  • Clean Footprint, Resisting Mud Buildup
  • Smooth and Comfortable Drive
  • Extended Tread Life with Damage Resistance
  • Built for Challenging Off-Road Terrains


  • Not DOT-Approved for Highway Use
  • Visual Variations Possible Among Same Size Models

Kenda Bearclaw HTR Review

Kenda Bearclaw Htr Review

All-Season Radial Tire

The Bearclaw HTR is an excellent All-Season Radial Tire with an aggressive tread for traction without sacrificing ride comfort. The staggered tread pattern channels debris well providing self-cleaning. The rounded profile makes it very responsive in handling rough terrain yet stable in hard cornering. A great combination of traction, comfort, and durability.

Introducing the Kenda Bearclaw HTR – your all-terrain, all-season companion built for the wild escapades of ATVs and UTVs. Now, what’s the buzz about the “HTR”? It stands for Hard Terrain Radial, underlining this tire’s durability across various terrains.

This tire doesn’t discriminate – it thrives on all surfaces. The directional tread design, coupled with a high void ratio, ensures exceptional traction on soft, loose, and uneven terrains. But here’s the kicker – it truly shines on hard surfaces. Keeping things clean, the tread prevents mud and snow from wedging between elements, promoting optimal grip and durability on rocky and uneven landscapes.

But it’s not just about traction – the Bearclaw HTR boasts a robust internal structure and an 8-ply construction that ramps up damage resistance. Say goodbye to stone retention, as the high void ratio actively fends off rocks from harming the tire’s casing. This not only preserves the tread but also extends the tire’s lifetime by resisting punctures and cuts under pressure.

Control is key, and the Bearclaw HTR nails it. The directional tread ensures safer controllability by closely tracking the terrain, upgrading steering responsiveness and driving stability. This translates to a faster and more precise steering response, providing a secure structure during its performing ability. Maneuvering your vehicle becomes a confident and controlled affair.

Now, a quick heads-up in the world of ATV tires – visual quirks might exist between brands and models of the same size. And here’s the deal-breaker: “NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE.” This tire is all about the untamed trails, not the smooth asphalt. So, gear up for off-road adventures with the Bearclaw HTR, where every terrain is fair game, and control is at your fingertips.


  • All-Terrain Versatility, excelling on hard and soft surfaces
  • Superior Traction with Directional Tread and High Void Ratio
  • Clean Footprint on rocky terrains, preventing mud and snow buildup
  • Enhanced Damage Resistance with robust 8-ply construction
  • Controlled Maneuvering with improved steering responsiveness
  • Extended Lifespan due to increased durability


  • Visual Variations Possible Among Same Size Models
  • Not DOT-Approved for Highway Use

Carlisle ATV Black Rock Review

Carlisle Atv Black Rock Review

All Terrain All-Season Tire

Meet the Carlisle Black Rock tire, a top-tier choice for ATV and UTV aficionados. This all-terrain tire is masterly designed with a high-void tread and durable construction to handle mud, sand, and rocks with ease. Providing superb traction, puncture resistance, and a smooth ride, the Black Rock tire is your ticket to outstanding off-road performance.

Meet the Carlisle Black Rock, a tire designed to conquer every terrain with the spirit of adventure for ATV and UTV vehicles. Now, here’s the lowdown: it comes in two models. Some sizes flaunt a three-star rating, making them suitable for concrete roads, while the six-star-rated ones aren’t highway-friendly.

This tire is your ticket to excellent all-weather and terrain traction. Its versatile tread design ensures a superb grip on dry, wet, and winter roads, be it on or off the beaten path. While it’s a champ on all surfaces, it truly shines on dirt and rocky terrains, offering firm grip and a safer driving experience. The high void tread design and deep sipes prevent stone retention and keep mud and snow at bay, maintaining constant road contact.

Underneath the surface, the Black Rock boasts a reinforced internal structure and a rugged tire compound, elevating its driving durability. This structure ensures the tire retains its optimal shape, resisting deformation under driving pressure. The stable tread elements not only enhance performance but also contribute to a safer driving experience.

Here’s a heads-up – this tire rocks a BIASED ply construction, perfect for off-road enthusiasts. And in the world of ATV tires, visual quirks might exist between brands and models of the same size. Lastly, a disclaimer: “NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE.” This tire is all about the thrill of off-road adventures, not the monotony of the highway. So, gear up, hit the trails, and let the Black Rock redefine your ATV and UTV experience.



  • Limited Highway Use for Some Sizes
  • Bias Ply Construction Tailored for Off-Road
  • Slight Visual Variations Possible Among Same Size Models

Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Review

Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 Review

All Terrain Tire for ATVs and UTVs

A popular all-around UTV tire, the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 provides excellent traction across different terrains thanks to an adaptive tread compound and sturdy carcass. The non-directional tread makes it very versatile, allowing stable cornering and braking whether going forwards or in reverse. The 6-ply construction is durable for rugged use while still absorbing impacts.

Say hello to the Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 – the tire that’s all about conquering every terrain with style for your ATV or UTV, specifically designed for the rear axle. So, what’s the buzz?

First off, let’s talk traction. This tire is your off-road companion, with a tread design boasting a high void ratio and zigzag tread lug placement. This dynamic duo enhances gripping ability on soft, loose, and uneven terrains. No getting stuck here – the Bighorn 2.0 clears out mud, snow, and rocks, ensuring a consistent grip on the road surface throughout its performance.

Now, the Bighorn 2.0 isn’t just about looks; it’s got the muscle too. Reinforced ply and a radial construction keep things in check, maintaining the ideal tire shape under load and driving pressure. Translation? No deformities under stress, ensuring durability and a safer driving experience, especially when tackling off-road challenges.

But here’s the game-changer – controllability. Thanks to the ideal tread pattern with zigzag lug placement, the Bighorn 2.0 maximizes surface contact throughout your drive. This upgrade enhances steering responsiveness and driving stability, making your steering faster, more precise, and maintaining structural stability throughout its performance. With the Bighorn 2.0, control over your vehicle is in the palm of your hands.

A quick note in the ATV tire world – visual quirks might exist between brands and models of the same size. So, gear up and hit the trails with the Bighorn 2.0 – where every terrain becomes a playground for your ATV or UTV adventure.



Maxxis Liberty Review

Maxxis Liberty Review

All Terrain Tire for ATVs and UTVs

The Maxxis Liberty tire is a top-of-the-line UTV-specific radial tire, perfect for serious off-roaders. Its eight-ply rating ensures extreme durability, puncture resistance, and superior load handling. With a specially-formulated tread compound, the Liberty tire grants extraordinary traction on diverse terrains, making it your trustworthy partner for challenging trails.

Get ready to elevate your ATV or UTV experience with the Maxxis Liberty – a tire that’s all about taking your ride to the next level of all-terrain performance. Designed to unleash your vehicle’s potential to roam anywhere, the Liberty promises a thrilling performance on hardpack and various off-road trails. Here’s the lowdown on its features:

First things first, the Liberty is your all-terrain ticket, conquering everything from hardpack to diverse off-road landscapes. Drawing inspiration from light truck tires, this tire is engineered for versatility, ensuring enthusiasts and weekend warriors can revel in its rugged build and exceptional grip.

Now, here’s the exciting part – the Liberty isn’t just a casual player; it’s the go-to choice for racers in Best in the Desert and SCORE racing. If it can handle the demands of racing, you can trust it to amp up your off-road adventures.

Worried about tread wear cutting your adventures short? Fear not! The Liberty offers excellent tread wear, ensuring you won’t run out of tread or traction prematurely. Specifically designed for high-speed desert terrain, this tire thrives in the fast lane.

Built tough with an eight-ply radial construction, the Liberty can tackle anything you throw its way. And the best part? It’s DOT approved in most sizes, unless branded with the NHS (Non-Highway Service). Whether you’re rolling on 14” or 18” diameters, this tire fits high-horsepower rigs like a glove.

But what about serious off-road grip? The Liberty has you covered with a starting tread depth of 16/32”. And for that extra peace of mind, Maxxis offers a Limited Warranty on Materials and Workmanship during the first 50% of treadwear. So, gear up, hit the trails, and let the Liberty redefine your off-road adventures.



  • Non-Highway Service (NHS) in Some Sizes
  • Visual Variations Possible Among Same Size Models

ITP Mega Mayhem Review

Itp Mega Mayhem Review

Mud Terrain Tire for ATVs and UTVs

For large lifted UTVs, the Mega Mayhem provides excellent ground clearance with its tall 8-ply rated tread. The treads are siped for grip on hard surfaces and the staggered side lugs prevent sliding in corners. While heavy and geared towards oversized vehicles, it remains stable at highway speeds. Very durable for running over debris and jagged rocks.

Reemerge from the murkiest terrains with your ATV or UTV like a boss with the ITP Mega Mayhem. Crafted to be an all-season dominator, this mud-terrain tire guarantees extraordinary off-road performances no matter the season.

A powerhouse in muddy or loose dirt, the Mega Mayhem promises fantastic off-road traction, courtesy of its unique angled lugs and high void area. The tread design is optimized to find and grip soft, loose terrain surfaces, ensuring a safe and stable ride on virtually all off-road terrains. Moreover, the carefully positioned lugs act as propellers, pushing the tire forward, especially in deeper mud, and diminishing the chances of getting stuck.

But it’s not just about power and traction. The Mega Mayhem goes the extra mile to deliver precision control over your vehicle on tricky terrains, making navigating off-road landscapes a breeze.

The conversation can’t be complete without mentioning the tire’s intelligent self-cleaning mechanism. Through combination of lug grooves and the high void ratio, the tire effortlessly clears out mud, snow, and even ejects rocks from the tread. This ensures an unblocked, clean footprint that maintains constant contact with the terrain. Not only does it resist stone retention that could damage the tread and penetrate the casing, but also it assures top-notch traction at all times, enhancing the Mega Mayhem’s off-road performance.

Centred around a robust internal structure, Mega Mayhem sports a six-ply construction. This design fosters the tire’s shape retention under driving and load pressure. Enhanced shape stability boosts the tire’s performance and load-carrying capability. Adding to its assets, this design fortifies the tire against off-road hazards, reducing the chances of damage to the casing, essentially promising a safer performance.

Constructed with BIASED ply, this tire model has its unique style and appeal. Still, it’s worth noting that even among tires of the same size, certain visual differences can be spotted between brands and models.

Do keep in mind that the Mega Mayhem is not designed for highway driving; it’s not DOT-approved for such use. Its habitat is off-road terrains, where it truly makes its mark. All in all, with its extraordinary features and remarkable capabilities, the ITP Mega Mayhem emerges as a distinguished choice for off-road enthusiasts seeking exceptional ATV/UTV tire performance.


  • Excellent off-road traction, especially in mud and loose dirt
  • Optimal angled lug design and high void area for superior grip
  • Improved vehicle control on various off-road terrains
  • Self-cleaning tread pattern to maintain constant contact with the terrain
  • Enhanced resistance against stone retention
  • Six-ply construction for shape retention and durability
  • Ability to carry and withstand heavier loads
  • Reinforced structure to resist off-road damages


  • Not approved for highway use (not DOT-approved)
  • Visual differences between brands and models may cause some confusion
  • Traction on icy or snowy surfaces may be limited
  • Not as versatile when compared to some all-terrain tire options
  • May not provide the same level of traction on rocky or hard-packed surfaces as dedicated rock-crawling tires

GBC Motorsports Kanati Mongrel Review

Gbc Kanati Mongrel Review

All-Around Performer for ATVs and UTVs

The Mongrel combines durability, grip, and comfort with its 8-ply radial design. The open-spaced tread pattern is self-cleaning and provides a smooth ride on trails. The staggered shoulder tugs help prevent sliding during hard cornering. An excellent choice for rock crawling or trails with its tough build and all-condition traction.

Experience aggressive off-road performance like never before with the Kanati Mongrel ATV tire. Favored by many UTV off-road racers, the Mongrel is the ultimate choice for those who refuse to compromise when tackling unforgiving terrains such as dirt, sand, and hardpack.

What sets the Kanati Mongrel apart is its impressive tread pattern, boasting a 58% void ratio. This high void contact patch results in powerful, stable traction that conquers a variety of challenging terrains. Additionally, the tire features 10-ply rated construction, famed for its lightweight build that masterfully strikes the perfect balance between puncture resistance and weight-to-durability ratio.

The Mongrel doesn’t stop there. It’s one of the very few DOT-approved ATV tires that’s 100% street legal in all 50 states, offering on-road compliance in addition to off-road prowess. Thanks to its overlapping centerline tread, the Mongrel delivers a surprisingly smooth and well-mannered ride on hardpack and asphalt surfaces.

Thus, the Kanati Mongrel is more than just an off-road beast – it’s a reliable and versatile tire for both professional and recreational drivers who crave an all-in-one solution for their UTVs.

The Mongrel’s heavy-duty 10-ply construction ensures that you are prepared to face the elements: it offers increased puncture resistance and enhanced durability, so you can fearlessly confront the harshest terrains Mother Nature presents.

As an added perk, these super-lightweight tires ensure quicker acceleration and improved fuel efficiency, while simultaneously providing outstanding performance. So go ahead, give your ATV or UTV the gift of resilience, performance, and versatility – choose the GBC Kanati Mongrel!


  • Exceptional off-road performance
  • Effective traction on various terrains
  • Lightweight yet durable with 10-ply construction
  • DOT-approved and 100% street legal
  • Smooth ride on hard surfaces
  • Versatile, suitable for professionals and recreational drivers
  • Great puncture resistance and durability
  • Improves acceleration and fuel efficiency


  • May lack grip in deep mud or snow
  • Ride could be harsh on rough terrains
  • Possible compromises in off-road performance due to street legality
  • Higher price due to specialized construction
  • Tread life potentially shorter on hard road surfaces

Carlisle AT489 Review

Carlisle At489 Review

All Terrain All-Season Tire

For an affordable yet capable all-terrain option, the Carlisle AT489 is a great value UTV tire. It has angled treads for self-cleaning and stable high-speed handling. The rubber compound provides long tread life and traction across surfaces. While best suited for lighter recreational use, it performs admirably for general trail riding and overlanding.

Bet on the Carlisle ATV AT489 tire to deliver the performance you need for adventurous four-wheeling. It’s no surprise these tires are hot favorites for ATV/UTV OEM replacements, given Carlisle’s reputation in striking the perfect balance between lightweight speed and remarkable puncture resistance.

The AT489 takes it up an extra notch by offering outstanding grip on loose surfaces while ensuring a comfortable ride on hard-packed terrain. Its capability to provide such versatile traction, without compromising ride comfort, makes it an exceptional all-purpose option.

An unruly trail is no match for the AT489’s high-void open-tread design, ensuring impressive cleanout even in stickiest mud. Plus, the characteristic rounded contour of the AT489 does wonders for cornering performance and maneuverability, putting you in firm control of your vehicle on rough trails.

Another shining asset is the tire’s robust yet lightweight internal construction, enhancing smooth steering and boosting puncture resistance. This is another testament to the tire’s prioritization on durability and performance.

No small wonder that the AT489 is a preferred replacement tire for Polaris and Arctic Cat vehicles. Available in an array of sizes and at a moderate price point, the Carlisle ATV AT489 tire delivers remarkable value and is a testament to USA-made quality.

Whether you’re looking to rule the roughest trails, or simply need reliable tires proficient across various terrains, the Carlisle AT489 will not disappoint. With this tire on your ATV, you are setting a new benchmark for what your vehicle can accomplish!


  • Popular choice for ATV/UTV replacement tire
  • Balanced speed and puncture resistance
  • Good grip on various terrains
  • Effective mud cleanout and excellent cornering
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • Broad size range, reasonably priced


  • May underperform in extreme conditions
  • Shorter tread life with aggressive use on hard surfaces
  • Not optimal for a specific terrain
  • Not approved for on-road usage

Budget-Friendly Best UTV Tires Option

While high-quality best UTV tires can be a big investment, there are still some good budget options to consider if you’re looking to save money. Here are some of the top affordable models:

Maxxis Carnivore

The Maxxis Carnivore is one of the most popular budget-friendly options for UTV tires. They provide decent traction and ride quality at a more affordable price point. The 8-ply radial construction offers good puncture resistance and stability. These are a good option for trail riding and light mud terrain.

ITP Mud Lite AT

For a bit more aggressive mud and trail traction, the ITP Mud Lite AT is another top value pick. With angled lugs and wide voids, these tires excel at throwing mud and navigating soft terrain. The 6-ply rating gives you added durability and puncture resistance as well.

Sedona Rip Saw

If you want an ultra budget tire, the Sedona Rip Saw can be a good choice. While they won’t provide the same longevity or performance as premium tires, their low price makes them a viable option for occasional recreational use. The deep tread pattern is surprisingly grippy on trails.

Kenda Bearclaw HTR

The Kenda Bearclaw HTR offers a nice balance of value, traction, and durability. The chunky tread blocks provide great grip off-road, while the rugged 6-ply carcass construction improves stability and puncture protection. For all around recreational UTV use, these are tough to beat.

Go with one of these wallet-friendly options if you’re looking to save some cash on new UTV tires without sacrificing too much performance. Just manage your expectations compared to premium tire models.

Tips for Proper UTV Tire Maintenance

Properly maintaining your UTV tires is crucial for performance, handling, and longevity. Here are some top tips:

  • Check air pressure regularly – Air pressure affects traction, ride quality, and wear. Use a quality gauge to check pressure before each ride when tires are cold. Consult your owner’s manual for recommended PSI. Underinflation causes wear on tire shoulders while overinflation reduces traction.
  • Follow a rotation schedule – Rotating tires every 2,000-5,000 miles ensures even tread wear. Front and rear tires wear differently so rotation extends overall life. Alternate front-to-back for directional tires. Check owner’s manual for pattern. Mark tires using chalk to track rotation.
  • Inspect for damage frequently – Look for cuts, cracks, punctures, bulges, and embedded objects. Fix promptly to prevent further wear or blowouts. Remove debris like rocks lodged in treads.
  • Clean tires regularly – Mud, dirt, and debris stuck to tires/wheels causes imbalance and corrosion. Hose tires off after riding. Brush treads with a stiff-bristle brush to prevent buildup. Avoid harsh cleaners.

Proper UTV tire care improves safety, handling, tread life, and overall performance. Maintaining optimal pressure and condition should be part of routine maintenance. Consistent tire inspection and rotation helps maximize value.

When to Replace UTV Tires

The key signs that it’s time to replace your UTV tires include excessive wear, age, and damage. Here’s an overview of what to look out for:

Signs of Excessive Wear

  • Tread depth under 4/32″ – This is below the recommended minimum for safe traction. Anything under this threshold means it’s time for new tires.
  • Smooth, bald spots in the tread – Once the tread rubber starts wearing down to the point you can see smooth sections, traction is greatly reduced. New tires are needed.
  • Uneven tire wear – If sections of the tread seem abnormally worn compared to the rest of the tire, this indicates alignment or suspension issues that should be addressed along with new tires.


Tires that are over 6 years old should be closely inspected and likely replaced, even if tread depth remains acceptable. Rubber compounds weaken over time. You don’t want a tire failing because of age when relying on your UTV for remote travel.


  • Punctures that can’t be repaired based on size/location
  • Bulges or bubbles on the tire sidewall
  • Cracks or cuts that expose steel belts
  • Irregular wear from accidents or improper use

Any of these visual signs of damage warrant new UTV tires. Continued use puts you at risk of blowouts or other failures.

By staying vigilant for these signs of excessive wear, age, and damage, you can identify when it’s time to rotate or replace your tires. This prevents hazardous road conditions and keeps your UTV performing at its best.

UTV Tire Safety Tips

When operating a UTV, it’s important to follow some basic tire safety tips to ensure safe and optimal performance. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

Following basic safety precautions with your UTV tires helps ensure they provide the traction, handling, and durability you need for safe off-road adventures. Maintaining proper inflation pressure, not overloading your vehicle weight capacity, and obeying speed ratings are key factors in UTV tire safety. With careful use and maintenance, your tires will deliver reliable performance mile after mile.


What size tires should I get for my UTV?

The best tire size depends on your specific UTV model and the type of terrain you plan to drive on. Refer to your owner’s manual for the factory tire size and recommended replacement sizes. Generally, larger tire diameters combined with a higher aspect ratio sidewall provide better ride quality and traction. Wider tires also improve floatation and traction in soft terrain.

How long do UTV tires last?

With proper maintenance and avoiding excessive wear, quality UTV tires can last 1,500-3,000 miles on average. Aggressive driving on rough terrain will wear them out faster. Inspect tires regularly for uneven wear, cuts, embedded rocks, and air pressure.

Should I get radial or bias ply UTV tires?

Radial tires are best for most UTVs and terrain. They offer better stability, ride comfort, tread life, and fuel efficiency compared to bias ply tires. Bias ply tires provide puncture resistance for more extreme use. For sand duning, a combination of bias ply rear tires and radial front tires works well.

How do I get the best traction from UTV tires?

Proper air pressure is key, so check it regularly. Reduce pressure slightly for better grip in loose dirt, mud, or snow. Too little pressure causes tire roll-over on hard surfaces. Matching tires front to rear evenly distributes weight and traction. Sharp tread blocks with staggered shoulder knobs provide the best grip for trail riding or technical terrain.

Should I balance UTV tires?

Yes, balancing UTV tires helps prevent vibration and uneven tread wear at higher speeds. Always balance tires after repairing a puncture or whenever vibration develops. Use weights specifically designed for UTV/ATV tires. Balance with the tire properly seated on the wheel.

How do I repair a punctured UTV tire?

First, remove any embedded nail or object causing the leak. On the inside of the tire, affix a plug-style patch or use a rope plug kit depending on the puncture size and location. On the outside, apply a vulcanizing patch after buffing the area thoroughly. Ensure no air leaks before reinstalling the tire.


When purchasing new tires for your UTV, it’s important to carefully consider the type of terrain you’ll be driving on as well as your specific needs and budget. Investing in a quality set of tires designed for UTV use will provide better traction, handling, durability, and performance.

Proper tires are vital for safety when operating UTVs, which are versatile but also carry risks if used improperly or with subpar equipment. As outlined in this guide, factors like tread pattern, construction type, tire size, and more all impact the performance of UTV tires. Choosing an appropriate set of tires for your vehicle and driving conditions will lead to a smoother, more controlled ride.

While budget-friendly options are available, prioritizing quality from reputable brands is wise for UTVs that encounter demanding driving situations. With routine inspection and maintenance, quality UTV tires can enhance your off-road adventures for years to come. We hope this guide and best UTV tires recommendations have helped identify the ideal tires to suit your UTV and meet your driving needs.

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