Vintage Tire Guide: Tips on Buying Vintage Tires

Do you know about vintage tires?

Car owners, strangely enough, adhere to the fashion trends of cars. Tires are shoes for your auto, therefore, the fashion for cars starts from the tires.

It is nostalgic and does not require radical changes. Nowadays the fashion for cars offers the most interesting elements of retro design.

The old-fashioned tires are becoming very stylish.

Whitewall Tires

The term “white wall” is very popular and widely used. It is a kind of vintage tires. From the very beginning all tires were made of Indian rubber and had white natural color.

However, Indian rubber could not guarantee the high durability of tires.

So, manufacturers started to produce tires made of a mixture of Indian rubber and carbon materials for the sake of quality improvement.

Black wall tires used to be very expensive and had white streaks because of high-priced materials.

Black wall tires were considered high-quality prestigious tires at that time. Nowadays, circumstances have changed, and white wall tires found the status of stylish tuning. There are some modifications to white wall tires.

For example:

  •  Additional black streak between white circle and wheel disk on the tires of Cadillac Eldorado Brougham;
  • Colored inserts on the tires of Ford Thunderbird;
  • Additional golden streak on the tires of Vogue Tyre Company.

White wall tires look bright. They can give your car an inimitable style.

Imitation of White Wall Tires

Sometimes, modern car owners change real whitewall tires for white onlay called flippers. It is a fake vintage tires. This imitation is laid on the tire and its brink edge is tucked under the wheel disk.

The onlay is in need of being stuck down the tire. Flippers are rubber circles of different types and colors. There several disadvantages of flippers:

  • Flippers are recommended to be used with hard bias tires only;
  • Flippers are afraid of contact with the edge of the pavement;
  • Defective flippers are dangerous, it is strongly recommended to change them.

Where to Buy Stylish Tires?

Flippers are plenty. It is not difficult to find them on sale. But real vintage tires are produced only by companies that specialize in antique cars restoration and vintage tuning:

  • Vogue Tyre & Rubber  Company;
  •  Diamond Back Classics;
  •  Lucas Classic Tires;
  • Coker Tire.

Vogue Tyre & Rubber Company has been providing custom luxury tires for customers for about 100 years.  The company is known for inventing the whitewall tire with a patented gold streak. Vogue produces tires for high-end vehicles. A lot of motorists including celebrities and professional athletes are the customers of this company.

Diamond Back Classics has been the producer of wide whitewall, blueline, redlines and goldline tires. Using the highest quality manufacturing process and modern technologies this company provides you with all of the advantages of modern day safety of radial tires with the past look.

Lucas Classic Tires specialize in pre-radial wide white wall tires for antique & collectible cars:

  • General tires
  • Lucas classical tires

These are a reproduction of authentic, original old tread patterns. Lucas Classical Tires shows high standard of quality with the exact original tread design.

Coker Tire Company produces varieties of tires:

  • Bias Ply
  • Radial
  • Motorcycle
  • Dragster/Racing
  • Military/Truck

Original design and specifications are the first quality of tires of Coker Tire Company. Their tires are made with the help of the original equipment; built in original molds to maintain authenticity; made of modern materials.

Vintage tires should harmonize with the general style of the car. Before installation of tires make sure they go with a mode of your auto.

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