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The Unstoppable Atturo Trail Blade Boss: A Tire Built for Adventure


Introduction to the Atturo Trail Blade Boss

The Atturo Trail Blade Boss is a hybrid off-road tire that combines the best features of a mud-terrain (MT) and an all-terrain (AT) tire.

Designed for extreme off-road performance, this tire boasts an aggressive tread pattern with oversized, blade-inspired tread blocks that deliver exceptional grip on rugged terrain.

The MT-inspired shoulder blocks and sidewall design provide superior traction and protection in challenging off-road conditions, while the AT-inspired center tread pattern offers improved on-road handling and reduced noise levels.

The Trail Blade Boss is engineered for drivers who demand uncompromising off-road capability without sacrificing on-road manners.

Whether tackling rocky trails, muddy terrain, or daily commutes, this versatile tire is built to conquer any obstacle in its path.

With its robust construction and advanced compound, the Trail Blade Boss promises a perfect balance of off-road prowess and on-road comfort, making it an ideal choice for adventurous drivers and off-road enthusiasts. [Source]

Atturo Trail Blade Boss Review

Atturo Trail Blade Boss Review

Aggressive Off-Road Tire

Design and Construction

The Atturo Trail Blade Boss features an aggressive tread design inspired by a knife blade, with large shoulder lugs resembling a knife handle for enhanced traction in loose terrain.

The tire’s tread pattern is characterized by oversized, blade-like tread blocks and deep, angled grooves that provide excellent grip and self-cleaning capabilities.

The Trail Blade Boss boasts an extra-thick construction with reinforced sidewalls and a cut-and-chip resistant compound, ensuring puncture resistance and durability in demanding off-road conditions.

Its internal structure incorporates high-ply ratings and robust belts for improved load-carrying capacity and resistance against impacts and punctures.

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Off-Road Performance

The Atturo Trail Blade Boss is designed to excel on challenging off-road terrains. Its aggressive tread pattern and deep lugs provide exceptional traction on mud, dirt, sand, gravel, and rocks.

The tire’s reinforced construction and high void ratio allow it to easily navigate through loose surfaces without getting stuck.

On muddy trails, the Trail Blade Boss demonstrates impressive self-cleaning capabilities, preventing the lugs from clogging and maintaining good grip.

Its stone ejectors and rigid tread blocks also enhance traction over rocky surfaces.

Additionally, the tire’s wide footprint and open shoulder blocks improve stability on sand, ensuring a confident driving experience.

Users on forums like JKOwners have praised the Trail Blade Boss for its off-road prowess, citing its ability to tackle various terrains with ease while providing a comfortable and controlled ride.

On-Road Capabilities

The Atturo Trail Blade Boss offers impressive on-road capabilities for an aggressive off-road tire. Its tread pattern is designed to reduce road noise, providing a comfortable and quiet ride on paved surfaces.

While the tread blocks are large and chunky for superior off-road traction, they are strategically siped and designed to maintain good on-road handling and stability.

The Trail Blade Boss features a durable tread compound that promotes long treadwear, ensuring the tire maintains its performance over thousands of miles.

On dry pavement, the tire delivers reliable grip and predictable handling, inspiring confidence in daily driving conditions.

While not designed for extreme on-road performance, the Trail Blade Boss strikes a balance between off-road capability and on-road manners, making it a versatile choice for those who frequently transition between different driving environments. [Source]

Sizing and Fitment Options

The Atturo Trail Blade Boss is available in a range of sizes to fit various ATVs, UTVs, and off-road vehicles.

According to Discount Tire, it comes in 11 different size options with wheel diameters ranging from 12 to 16 inches.

Some popular fitments include 30×10.00R14 for Polaris RZR models, 32×10.00R15 for Can-Am Maverick X3 vehicles, and 35×12.50R17 for larger side-by-side UTVs.

The wide selection of sizes ensures that enthusiasts can find the right Trail Blade Boss tire to match their specific ride and intended use.

Load Ratings and Specifications

The Atturo Trail Blade Boss is designed for exceptional off-road performance, and its load ratings and specifications reflect its robust construction.

According to Discount Tire, the tire has a load range of D2 to F2, indicating its capability to handle heavy loads.

The maximum inflation pressure ranges from 50 PSI to 80 PSI, depending on the specific size and load index.

Atturo’s website states that the Trail Blade Boss has a load index/speed rating of 104/101S, which translates to a maximum load capacity of 1,984 lbs per tire at the corresponding inflation pressure.

The tire’s weight ranges from 36.6 lbs to 55.8 lbs, depending on the size, ensuring a sturdy and durable construction for off-road adventures.

Warranty and Expected Treadlife

The Atturo Trail Blade Boss tires come with a 3-year manufacturer’s defect warranty, which covers the original purchaser against any defects in materials or workmanship [Source].

While Atturo does not provide a specific treadlife warranty, these mud-terrain tires are designed for durability and longevity in harsh off-road conditions.

With proper maintenance and rotation, the aggressive tread pattern of the Trail Blade Boss can provide reliable traction and performance for several seasons of off-road adventures.

However, the exact treadlife will vary depending on factors such as driving habits, terrain, and load conditions.

Owners can expect a reasonable lifespan comparable to other high-quality mud-terrain tires, provided they follow the recommended tire care and replacement guidelines.

Comparisons to Other Tires

The Atturo Trail Blade Boss stands out among its competitors with its aggressive tread pattern and rugged construction designed for off-road adventures.

Compared to other all-terrain tires like the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 or the Falken Wildpeak AT3W, the Trail Blade Boss offers a more aggressive tread design with larger tread blocks and deeper voids, providing superior traction on loose surfaces like mud, sand, and rocks.

While it may sacrifice some on-road comfort and noise levels compared to highway-oriented all-terrain tires, the Trail Blade Boss excels in off-road performance, delivering exceptional grip and durability in demanding conditions.

It’s a compelling choice for off-road enthusiasts who prioritize off-road capability over on-road refinement. Source

Ideal Usage Scenarios

The Atturo Trail Blade Boss is designed for hardcore off-road enthusiasts who demand maximum traction and performance on the toughest terrains.

These tires excel in extreme rock crawling, mud bogging, desert racing, and other grueling off-road conditions.

With their aggressive tread pattern and reinforced construction, the Trail Blade Boss tires are well-suited for lifted trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, and other off-road vehicles tackling the most challenging trails and obstacles.

While primarily intended for off-road use, the Trail Blade Boss can also handle occasional on-road driving, making them a versatile choice for adventure-seekers who need a tire that can transition seamlessly from the street to the trail.

However, their aggressive tread design and stiff sidewalls may result in increased road noise and a harsher ride on paved surfaces compared to dedicated all-terrain or highway tires.

Pricing and Value

The Atturo Trail Blade Boss is a premium all-terrain tire, and its pricing reflects its high-quality construction and performance capabilities.

According to, prices range from $327.96 to $466.99 per tire, depending on the size selected.

While this places the Trail Blade Boss on the higher end of the pricing spectrum for all-terrain tires, many drivers feel that the tire’s exceptional off-road traction, durability, and on-road manners justify the cost. Atturo backs the Trail Blade Boss with a 50,000-mile treadwear warranty, further enhancing its value proposition.

For those seeking a true all-terrain tire that excels in both off-road and on-road environments, the Trail Blade Boss represents a worthwhile investment.


The Atturo Trail Blade Boss emerges as a robust and versatile tire option for adventure-seekers who prioritize off-road capability and durability.

With its aggressive tread design tailored for optimal performance on and off the road, reinforced construction for longevity, and a price that aligns with its premium features, it stands out as a competitive choice for off-road enthusiasts.

While it may present a stiffer ride and higher noise levels on highways compared to less aggressive tires, its off-road advantages and dependable on-road performance justify the investment for those who demand the best of both worlds in their driving experience.

Atturo Trail Blade Boss Review
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Atturo Trail Blade Boss Review: Rugged All-Terrain Truck Tires for Extreme Off-Road Adventures - Get the scoop on tread design, performance capabilities & ideal use cases.

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