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Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Review: Best Off-Road Maximum Traction Light Truck Tire


The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is one of the tires you will find hard to turn down. It is one of the heritages of Cooper, which is focused or aimed at those who love off-road adventure. For decades, Cooper has been producing quality tires, and the Discoverer STT Pro is one of them.

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro get into the market in June year 2016, and since it has garnered recognition among both light and heavy truck drivers. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast that loves off-road adventure or a rancher, this tire is best for you.

The tire design and construction are the secrets to the tire’s performance, and the features also contribute to it. The durability and toughness of the tire are never questionable, and it has the power to handle anything thrown at it.

Naturally, you could tell that the tire is an aggressive one with its look and design. It comes with the power to handle sand, dirt, fallen trees, rocks, and grass. It performs significantly in dry, wet, and muddy surfaces and all thanks to its features.

Features of Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

The tire features contribute to the build-up, and they are the reason the tire can be considered one of the best premium tires.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Tire

Cooper Discoverer Stt Pro

Best Off-Road Maximum Traction Light Truck Tire

  • The aggressive and tough tread pattern
  • Excellent performance on rocks and other surfaces
  • Considerable treadwear lifespan
  • Perform well on wet and snow surfaces
  • Quiet performance

Tread Pattern

The tread pattern is one of the uniqueness of the tire, and from its appearance, you can quickly tell that it is a quality one with lots of strength to handle any condition. The tread depth of the tire ranges from deep 18/32 inches to the downright cavernous 22/32 inches.

The kind of tread depth you see with the Discoverer STT Pro proves that the manufacturer did significant research to match the tire’s requirement for off-road purposes. Handling off-road adventures with this depth are effortless.

Armor Tek3 Construction

The Armore Tek3 construction of the Discoverer STT Pro serves as a source of protection to the tire. It helps prevent puncture and some other forms of structural damage irrespective of the pressure the tire goes through.

The Armor Tek3 ensures that the chances of the tire sidewall getting damaged become minimal. It means you’ve got a more extended period to use the tire and enjoy the best of your investment.

Coupled Silica Compound

The truth remains that investing in the Discoverer STT Pro without an excellent grip is a total waste of resources. Every tire designed for an off-road activity must come with an abundance of grip and traction for outstanding handling on different surfaces.

However, the Discoverer STT Pro comes with coupled silica compound that helps to improves grip, especially when you get caught in the snow or rain. The role of the silica compound is also to soften the ride to ensure you have good handling for good performance.

Flex Groove

One of the things that will top your priority list when getting a tire is the comfort and convenience of handling for better performance. The Cooper then ensures they don’t miss out on this aspect too. The company integrated a flex groove in the Discoverer STT Pro.

This groove’s primary role or function is to offer a smooth ride to whosoever is driving the car and dampen the impacts from going on rough pathways or those with potholes and gravel.

Mud Release Dimples

You are likely to get more work to do with cleaning or spending a long time washing your tire if you walk through the mud. The Discoverer STT Pro can easily walk through muddy surfaces without hassles. It comes with a biting edge and design that makes it get through any mud condition without getting stuck.

The tire has mud-release dimples that help eliminate loose soil that quickly gets trapped in the tire. It ensures you don’t get home with a messy tire or becomes quite challenging to wash.

So, if you ever find yourself passing through muddy terrain, you’ve got nothing to worry about as the mud release dimples get you covered.

3-2 Inner Tread Ribs

The Discoverer STT Pro also has 3-2 inner tread ribs that play a significant role in dampening the noise of the tire on any surfaces and ensure you get the proper comfort and convenience needed for excellent driving performance.

Not all off-road tires have this feature, and that is why most people see the acquisition of Discoverer STT Pro as a great steal because of the design and features.

Anti-Stone Retention

If you are getting a tire going to do lots of ff-road activities and it doesn’t have this feature, you must always prepare to get a new tire. The truth remains that stones can puncture a tire and damage it to the point of you getting a replacement.

However, this tire comes with anti-stone retention that helps to ensure no stone gets trapped in the tire. As long as stones can’t find their way to damage the tire, you will likely use it for a more extended period.

Alternating Shoulder Lugs

The shoulder lugs of the tire make it very easy for you to get smooth performance on wet and loose soil. It makes it very easy for you to drive with ease without pushing the car or your vehicle to do more.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Pros and Cons


  • The aggressive and tough tread pattern
  • Excellent performance on rocks and other surfaces
  • Considerable treadwear lifespan
  • Perform well on wet and snow surfaces
  • Quiet performance


  • It doesn’t come cheap

How the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro performs on the dry road?

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro movement on a dry road is very responsive, which is why the tire delivers smooth performance at all times. It comes with a great tread pattern and design that makes it move smoothly on dry roads.

How Cooper Discoverer STT Pro perform Off-road?

The tire is primarily designed for off-road use, and it performs exceptionally. It has all the parts and features needed to perform significantly on gravel, rocks, stones, and coarse surfaces. The responsiveness on off-road with its handling and braking makes it quite hard to turn down.

How Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Muddy and Snow?

With the silica compound and mud-release dimples, the tire is a perfect choice for muddy surfaces and snowy surfaces. If you drive through any of the surfaces, you should have nothing to worry about with the tire’s performance.

It delivers excellent traction and grip; it gets rid of dirt and loose soil to ensure the tire moves smoothly without any hassles.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Warranty

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro comes with 60000-mile treadwear, which means you’ve got a more extended period to use the tire. Also, it doesn’t wear quickly, and you can easily detect when it starts shedding off its tread particles which will alert you of when to get a better replacement.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Price

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro prices range from approximately $193 and up. You may also find occasional rebates, discount prices, coupons, and special offers on this tire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Cooper STT Pro a good tire?

The Cooper Discoverer STT Pro is a tough tire. It has reinforcements to handle heavy loads and trailers. All this and exceptional traction and performance on the harshest terrains imaginable. Durability– 3-Ply Armor-Tek3 for an extra layer of protection in the casing and under the tread.

How many miles does Cooper STT Pro last?

While generally tires that fit in the same competitive set as the Discoverer STT Pro get around 30,000 to 40,000 miles if you’re lucky, we’d say that number is more accurate here for those with extreme off-road use.

Is Cooper Discoverer STT pro good in snow?

The Discoverer STT Pro simply lacks enough siping and biting edges to be usable on packed snow, and especially on ice. In these conditions, the tires slide around and don’t give the driver enough bite. Yes, they are usable for driving on unpacked snow, but you won’t encounter those conditions often.

Are Cooper STT Pro loud?

These tires are surprisingly quiet for such an aggressive tire. These are the quietest M/T on the market. There is some “road noise”, but not as loud as you would think. They are louder than the KO2’s, but not much.


Getting Cooper Discoverer STT Pro for your off-road adventure is your first step to enjoying every minute behind the wheels. The tire is a perfect choice for drivers that cherish smooth and sleek driving performance on any road. The only significant setback with the tire is that it doesn’t come cheap, and the value and features justify its price value.


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