Dick Cepek Trail Country Exp Review

Dick Cepek Trail Country Exp Review: Best Off-Road All-Terrain Tire

The Dick Cepek Trail country Exp is designed for pickup trucks, jeep, and SUVs used for off-road adventures. They are well prepared to give the support needed to deliver a smooth ride that every driver desire for the best performance.

The tire’s design makes it falls in the category of hybrid tires as it boasts an all-terrain tire and mud-terrain smooth operations. It gives you the rest of mind on any surface.

The construction makes it command great tread depth with a quality pattern that handles all off-road activity in style. It performs significantly on wet, muddy, wintry, and light snow surfaces and thanks to the tread design and pattern.

The truth remains that adventure is fun with the tire, and it can get you anywhere without any hassles.

Features of Dick Cepek Trail Country Exp

The tire features contribute to the build-up, and they are the reason the tire can be considered one of the best premium tires.

Dick Cepek Trail Country Exp Tire

Dick Cepek Trail Country Exp

High Performance On-/Off-Road All-Terrain

  • It is strong and very durable
  • Delivers excellent balance and stability
  • Perfect for off-road surfaces
  • Great for wet and wintry surfaces
  • Provides excellent grip and traction

Cut and Shipped Silica Compound

The tire is reinforced with a cut resistance chip silica compound. The compound is molded into the tire, and it gives it an asymmetric pattern which makes it super aggressive.

The high silica tread compound gives the tire adequate wet traction on wet and muddy surfaces. The traction is enough to provide every driver confidence over maximum grip.

The silica compound level can only be found in some premium tires designed for off-road use, which makes the tire that you can rely on for perfect off-road adventures.

Wide Grooves and Lateral Notches

Not all tires come with the ability to resist hydroplaning. The dick Cepek trail country exp Tire comes with wide grooves and lateral notches that play a significant role in evacuating water from footprints.

The grooves ensure you can drive smoothly on any wet surfaces without reducing your speed or acceleration. It helps you move on wet terrains like you are on a dry road.

Therefore, it contributes to the tire’s excellent performance, making it a good investment for any vehicle built for off-road activity.


The tire is also molded with ultra-thin interlocking sipes responsible for keeping the tire stable on wet surfaces. It helps to ensure the tire can move smoothly on ice, snow, and ideal for the winter season.

The rate at which it enhances the traction is the secret to why you need to give this tire a great spot in your heart. The handling and braking are powered by fantastic sipes, which keep the tire in control at all times.

Also, the sipes help give the tire adequate stability by allowing the tread lug to conform to irregular surfaces, which you do not have to feel any impact as you drive.

Stone Ejector Ribs

One of the causes of tire puncture, especially those for off-road activity, is that they are exposed to different sizes of rocks and stones. The stones can get trapped in the grooves and then lead to a puncture of the tire.

So, the dick Cepek trail country exp comes with a groove that has stone ejector ribs. This helps ensure that no stone is trapped in the grooves, which gives you a rest of mind or confidence that your tire can not get damaged due to puncture from rocks.

Outboard Shoulder Lug

The outboard shoulder lug of dick Cepek trail country exp helps deliver side bites in deep and loose terrain. Also, the tire has a two-ply casing that uses a high tensile body cord to enhance sidewall strength while ensuring you get a quality ride experience.

Also, it has two high-strength steel belts that give support to the tread area and aid the tire’s durability through puncture resistance.

Tread Depth

The treadwear of the tire is one reason most drivers do opt for it. Unlike some that wear out quickly due to impacts from off-road surfaces, the dick Cepek trail country exp has a deep tread that takes a more extended period of frequent use before you could see any changes.

It is intense, and that contributes to the long-term use of the tire. So, it takes a longer time for the tire’s components to peel off, which means you are not planning to get new tires soon once you invest in the dick Cepek trail country exp tire.

Dick Cepek Trail Country Exp Pros and Cons


  • It is strong and very durable
  • Delivers excellent balance and stability
  • Perfect for off-road surfaces
  • Great for wet and wintry surfaces
  • Provides excellent grip and traction


  • It doesn’t come cheap
  • Limited tread life compared to some other tires


The Dick Cepek Trail Country Exp has 45,000-mile tread life, but it doesn’t have a road hazard warranty. It can serve you for a more extended period, especially when you don’t use your vehicle often.

Also, it might not show a sign of wear, but once you exceed the tread life, you must change the tires as soon as possible.

On-road Performance

Dickcepektrail Country Exp

The dick Cepek trail country exp doesn’t have any issue with moving on On-road. It is suitable for on-road activity as it is built to be strong and tough at handling anything that comes in its way. The tire’s performance is mind-blowing as it doesn’t give you any issue, unlike some that find it hard to move smoothly on road surfaces.

The tire has solid traction, which makes it handle any cornering, and the braking is reliable as well. A significant concern for people could be the noise, and the tire doesn’t give too much noise when used on the road. It boasts of excellent on-road manner.

Off-road Performance

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The dick Cepek trail country exp is primarily designed for off-road activity, which is why it appears the way it is. The tire has a tough and rough design. The tread pattern, the design, and some other features make it fit for off-road adventure.

It can climb up to anything, and it can move on any rough and coarse surfaces with the features that help ensure you do not feel anything. The balance you get from it is superb, and it delivers the comfort and convenience you ever need from your off-road adventure.

Snow Performance

If you take a look at the tire, you will quickly tell it can stand up to the test from snow surfaces. It has the sipes, wide grooves, and lateral latches that enhance the tire’s traction on wet surfaces. It can move on wet, muddy, slight ice and snow surfaces quickly without your vehicle dancing around.

The grip the tire delivers is enough to keep the tire in good condition at all times irrespective of the surfaces it’s moving on, and it doesn’t give displeasing sound, which makes it appealing to all.

Dick Cepek Trail Country Exp Price

The Dick Cepek Trail Country Exp starts at just $152 per tire for a 15-inch fitment and goes all the way up to over $405 per tire for a 20-inch size.

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Dick Cepek Trail Country Exp Video Review

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I maintain dick Cepek trail country exp?

The best way to use your tire for a long time is to use it with care. You just need to give too much attention to your tire, which will let you know if anything goes wrong with the tire.

Is it good for on-road surfaces?

The tire is perfect for on-road surfaces, even when it was designed for off-road. It has all it takes to handle on-road terrains in style.

Is it silent on the road?

The tire is very silent on the road, and it doesn’t make noise on the road to a level that makes it unbearable.


The Dick Cepek Trail Country Exp tire is a great one for all-around performance. It is perfect for on-road and off-road performances. It is your best companion for any off-road adventure, and with its design and features, it is an excellent deal for anyone that loves off-road adventure.

We have shared in detail some of the things that you need to know about the tire for you. It is excellent and superb at handling anything, and it has a design that makes it last longer than some others. With a 45,000-mile warranty of tread life, you’ve got a great tire that can serve you for a quality period.


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