Choosing Best Tire Changer

Choosing Best Tire Changer: Tire Changer Buying Guide, Tire Changer Tips — Things to Consider

The choice of a proper and best tire changer machine is determined by a lot of factors. When selecting a tire changing mechanism you should sacrifice neither cost nor quality and performance.

The majority of modern changer tools can handle even the toughest run-flat tires as well as low-profile ones.

They can be adjusted both to large agricultural tires and tiny alloy wheels. Some of the machines are supplemented with a Robo-Arm helper device, wheel lifts, and mount and demount systems.

How to Choose a Best Tire Changer Machine?

The variety of tires is reflected on the variety of tire changer mechanisms.

Manufacturers producing changer tools claim to offer the best possible technologies, services, and prices.

In order to choose the most appropriate machine you need to follow these step-by-step instructions:

Firstly, determine what size of wheels you’ll need to change. Establish the largest rim diameter you will need to deal with. Usually rim diameter ranges from twenty to twenty-two inches.

Secondly, determine what type of wheels you’ll need to change. Standard changer machines are created for typical automotive wheels in light trucks and passenger vehicles. Rim clamp tire machines are devised for expensive aluminum and alloy rims.

Performance tires can be handled only by changer machines supplied with a mounting helper arm. Besides, this tool is applicable for low profile tires with flashy rims as well.

Run-flat tires can be replaced only with the help of a tire changer machine equipped with two helping armы (the so-called dual arms).

Thirdly, consider the manufacturer. The most reliable machines are made in Germany and Italy – countries where the first tire changing equipment was produced.

Best Tire Changer Semiautomatic Machine

Let’s consider a definite example of a changer machine produced by the Central Machinery. This model has an air operated tilting arm. It makes tire replacement an easy and effortless process.


  • Handles various sizes of tires up to 38 inches in diameter and 13 inches in width.
  • Handles various rims from ten to twenty inches maximum.
  • This model of tire changer is quite reliable due to electric and air design.
  • Tire alignment on table top is secured by air locking system.
  • The mechanism is made of heavy-duty steel.
  • 240 volt and 10 amps.
  • Turntable Rotation Torque constitutes 795 ft/lbs.
  • Motor speed – 1740 revolutions per minute.
  • Working pressure – 110 pounds per square inch.
  • Internal locking rim dimensions – 12 to 20 inches.
  • External locking rim dimensions – 10 to 18 inches.
  • Is supplied with a bead breaker with 5500 lb. force.
  • Goes with a storage box, air pressure regulator, air tank and air inflation system.
  • 1-year warranty.

Purchasing an appropriate tire changer machine can help your auto service (tire shop) to increase revenue by attracting larger amounts of customers. Sooner or later your investment will certainly pay off. Keep pace with technologies and choose the best option.

FAQs on Best Tire Changer

How Durable is the Tire Changer’s Side Shovel?

The side shovel arm and mechanism is the most abused component on a tire changer. The size and heft of this system is an “easy-to-spot” indicator of the tire changer’s durability.

How much does the Tire Changer Weigh?

While there is not a direct correlation between weight and durability, stronger tire changers generally weigh more.

Does the Tire Changer have a Press Arm Option?

More difficult tires usually require press points. Verify that press arms are available for any model you select. Are they available as an upgrade? You may want them later.

How Powerful is the Tire Changer?

Today’s tires take more torque to service than historical equipment. Pay particular attention to the power choices available, especially 220V options.

How can I calibrate my machine properly?

Consult your owner’s manual. To keep your machine accurate, remember that you will need to recalibrate each time you move it.

How can I be sure I’m mounting a wheel safety?

Before you begin, be sure to wear protective gear. The best thing to do is to check official online tutorials from your manufacturer to be sure you are ticking all the correct boxes when mounting tires safely.

What else do I need aside from my tire changer and wheel balancer?

Good brands will have everything you need to get the job done, but in some cases where they’re not included in the package, you will need jaw protectors, a bead breaker, and clamps.

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