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General AltiMAX Arctic 12 Review: Conquering the Cold Designed For Winter Driving Conditions


The AltiMAX Arctic 12 is one of General Tire’s premium winter tire offerings. This tire is engineered to provide excellent performance in cold weather and winter driving conditions.

The AltiMAX Arctic 12 is primarily marketed towards drivers living in areas that experience heavy snowfall and icy roads during the winter months.

It’s ideal for use on coupes, sedans, CUVs, SUVs, and light trucks. The tire is designed to give drivers enhanced traction, handling, and braking control when driving on snow and ice.

With its aggressive directional tread pattern featuring multiple sipes and biting edges, the AltiMAX Arctic 12 works to penetrate through snow packs and grip icy roads.

This allows drivers to feel confident navigating wintry conditions, without having to sacrifice comfort or ride quality.

The AltiMAX Arctic 12 aims to deliver a blend of wintertime performance, safety, and everyday drivability.

It’s positioned as an attractive option for drivers wanting a dedicated winter tire that can handle anything from light snow to extreme winter weather.

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General AltiMAX Arctic 12 Review

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Studdable Winter / Snow Tire

  • Premium winter tire designed for heavy snowfall and icy road conditions
  • Offers enhanced traction, handling, and braking control when driving on snow and ice
  • The tire is targeted towards drivers with coupes, sedans, CUVs, SUVs, and light trucks
  • Tire uses a silica-infused tread compound for enhanced traction
  • Features a symmetrical internal construction for durability and stability

Tire Construction

The General AltiMAX Arctic 12 is an all-season light truck and SUV tire that features a directional tread design optimized for winter driving conditions.

This tire utilizes a silica-infused tread compound that is intended to provide enhanced traction and grip on snow and ice-covered roads.

The AltiMAX Arctic 12 features a symmetrical internal construction with twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wrapped nylon.

This type of internal construction is designed to provide strength, durability, and stability across a variety of road surfaces and conditions.

The twin steel belts help reinforce the tread area and provide resistance against impacts and punctures. The nylon overlay adds an extra layer of stability and support.

The tire sidewalls feature a rounded profile designed to promote responsive steering and handling.

The sidewalls are constructed using a high tensile strength polyester body ply material.

This helps make the sidewalls durable and resistant to curbing damage.

Overall, the materials and construction methods used in the General AltiMAX Arctic 12 aim to produce an all-season light truck tire that offers dependable performance across changing road conditions.

The combination of a winter-optimized tread design and sturdy internal construction is intended to provide SUV and light truck drivers with reliable traction, steering response, and treadwear from this tire.

Tread Pattern

The General AltiMAX Arctic 12 tire features an asymmetric tread pattern designed specifically for superior performance in severe winter weather conditions.

The outside shoulder of the tire contains high-density sipes and multiple edges for extra grip and traction in snow, while the inner shoulder has a smoother design to enhance handling and stability on dry roads.

The aggressive directional tread pattern helps provide excellent traction and braking in snow and slush.

It features independent tread blocks to maintain flexibility in cold weather, along with multiple lateral and longitudinal sipes to generate a strong biting edge.

The sipes also allow the tread blocks to flex and conform to the road surface for enhanced grip on ice.

Overall, the AltiMAX Arctic 12’s innovative tread pattern balances superb snow and ice traction with composed, quiet handling on bare roads.

Drivers will feel confident and in control in a wide range of winter driving scenarios.

The tread design provides a major advantage over all-season tires in snowy regions, making the AltiMAX Arctic 12 an excellent choice for drivers who face severe wintry conditions.

Handling and Traction of General AltiMAX Arctic 12

The General AltiMAX Arctic 12 is designed to provide excellent handling and traction in a variety of winter driving conditions.

Dry and Wet Handling

The tread pattern and rubber compound help provide predictable handling and control on dry roads.

The large tread blocks and deep sipes allow the tire to maintain grip even when roads are wet.

Drivers report that the tire performs and handles well in both dry and wet conditions, providing a high level of control.

Snow and Ice Traction

This tire is optimized for traction and grip in snowy and icy conditions.

The aggressive directional tread pattern is able to bite into loose snow and channel it away from the tire.

Independent testers have noted superb ice traction and braking, allowing drivers to accelerate and come to controlled stops even on icy roads.

Owners consistently say the AltiMAX Arctic provides excellent winter traction.

Braking Performance

The tread design incorporates a high amount of siping intended to deliver strong braking action on snow and ice.

The notched shoulder blocks provide extra grip during braking maneuvers.

Testers have recorded short braking distances in ice and snow when properly equipped with four matching AltiMAX Arctic tires.

Drivers report excellent braking control in wintry conditions.

Ride Comfort of General AltiMAX Arctic 12

The General AltiMAX Arctic 12 tire aims to provide a smooth and quiet ride, even in winter weather conditions.

The tire features an all-season tread design and construction intended to minimize road noise and vibrations within the cabin.

Customer reviews indicate the AltiMAX Arctic 12 performs quite well in terms of ride comfort compared to other tires in its category.

The silica-enhanced tread compound helps dampen noise, while the symmetrical tread blocks and stable shoulder blocks likely contribute to a smooth on-center feel.

The independent intermediate ribs between the tread blocks improve continuity and help tune out vibrations from the road.

Informal third-party testing suggests the tire produces average to below-average levels of noise for an all-season tire, with owners reporting no serious issues with cabin noise or ride harshness.

While not as refined as a touring tire, the AltiMAX Arctic 12 strikes a good balance between comfort, performance, and winter traction.

The construction seems robust enough to prevent thumps or humming from the tread.

Overall, drivers report a quiet and compliant ride during everyday driving without excessive vibrations or impact harshness from bumps and uneven pavement.


The General AltiMAX Arctic 12 is designed for winter driving conditions and snow/ice traction, so treadwear will vary significantly depending on driving conditions and maintenance routines.

Drivers in milder climates who use the AltiMAX Arctics year-round can expect around 40,000 miles of treadwear before replacement is needed, while those in colder climates who swap them out seasonally may see up to 25,000 miles per winter before significant treadwear.

This already-long treadlife for a winter tire is aided by the symmetric non-directional tread pattern, allowing tire rotation between all four corners to distribute wear evenly.

The tire compound is also optimized to resist wear in cold temperatures when rubber becomes more rigid.

The AltiMAX Arctic 12 carries a 40,000 mile treadwear warranty when used in its intended climate conditions, indicating General Tire’s confidence in its long-lasting tread compound.

As with all tires, frequent rotation and alignment checks are key to maximizing the treadlife and achieving the full potential of this warranty.

Drivers who experience uneven or premature treadwear should have the vehicle inspected and contact a General Tire dealer about warranty coverage.

With proper maintenance, the AltiMAX Arctics should deliver multiple seasons of reliable winter traction before a new set is required.

Fuel Efficiency of General AltiMAX Arctic 12

The General AltiMAX Arctic 12 is designed to provide low rolling resistance, which can translate into improved fuel economy compared to tires not optimized for efficiency.

According to General Tire’s specifications, the AltiMAX Arctic 12 has a rolling resistance rating of C.

This puts it in the average range for tires in its class. While not the highest efficiency rating possible, a C rating indicates the tire is engineered to minimize energy loss as it rolls.

How much fuel savings might one experience with the AltiMAX Arctic 12?

Potential savings will vary substantially based on the vehicle, previous tires used, driving habits and conditions.

However, switching to a tire focused on low rolling resistance can improve fuel economy by anywhere from 3-5% based on industry research.

For drivers covering higher mileages annually, the compound effect of even slightly improved fuel efficiency can really add up.

Over 5 years, switching to tires like the AltiMAX Arctic 12 could potentially save 100 gallons of gas or more for an average driver.

The fuel savings could completely offset the cost of buying new tires.

Of course, real world fuel economy relies on many factors. But the AltiMAX Arctic 12’s low rolling resistance qualities position it well as an option for drivers looking to maximize fuel efficiency without compromising traction or comfort.

Pricing of the General AltiMAX Arctic 12

The General AltiMAX Arctic 12 comes in a wide range of sizes to fit most passenger vehicles and light trucks.

The pricing varies depending on the size:

  • 13-inch tires start around $70 each
  • 14-inch tires are around $85
  • 15-inch tires cost approximately $100
  • 16-inch tires are priced at around $120
  • 17-inch tires run about $140 each
  • 18-inch tires are approximately $170 each
  • 19-inch tires cost around $200 each
  • 20-inch tires are the most expensive at roughly $230 per tire

The pricing is quite competitive compared to similar winter/snow tires from other brands.

The General AltiMAX Arctic 12 offers good value given its focus on safety, traction, and comfort in cold weather driving conditions.

Those living in areas with frequent winter weather will find the General AltiMAX Arctic 12 to be an affordable option toequip their vehicle with capable snow tires.


General Tire provides two main warranties on the AltiMAX Arctic 12 tire:

  • The Mileage Warranty offers up to 65,000 miles of pro-rated replacement coverage. This means as the tire wears down, the amount of credit you receive towards a replacement tire is reduced based on how many miles were achieved, up to the 65,000 mile mark.
  • The 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee allows a full refund or credit if you are unsatisfied with the tire’s performance during the first 2 months (60 days) after purchase. This guarantee only applies to a tire set of 4 or more tires. To be eligible, you need to submit an original copy of the sales receipt to General Tire.

Some other key points about General Tire warranties:

  • The warranties only apply to the original owner, for tires used on the same vehicle they were originally installed on. Proof of purchase is required for any warranty claim.
  • Exclusions apply for damage due to road hazards, improper maintenance, misuse, improper mounting/dismounting, vehicle mechanical issues, racing, and off-road use. The manufacturer’s terms, conditions and limitations apply.
  • Tires fitted as original equipment on new vehicles may carry separate warranties by the vehicle manufacturer.

So in summary, General Tire provides solid coverage through its mileages warranty and satisfaction guarantee on the AltiMAX Arctic 12.

Just be sure to keep your receipts and follow proper tire care guidelines. Reach out to a General Tire dealer with any warranty-related questions.


The General AltiMAX Arctic 12 is widely available both online and at local tire retailers.


Many popular tire ecommerce sites carry the AltiMAX Arctic 12, often with free shipping and competitive pricing. Some recommended online retailers include:

TireRack tends to have the widest selection of sizes available for delivery or pick up at a local installer.

Discount Tire and Tires Plus enable ship to store delivery. Simple Tire has affordable pricing with free delivery to local installers.

Shopping online is convenient, and enables easy price comparisons between retailers.

Local Retailers

The General AltiMAX Arctic 12 can also be purchased locally at tire stores and auto service centers such as:

Visiting a local retailer allows you to talk to a sales representative, clarify fitment for your vehicle, and quickly get the tires installed on the same day.

Retailers also periodically have tire sales and rebates that can help save money on the AltiMAX Arctic 12.

With wide availability both online and locally, the General AltiMAX Arctic 12 is one of the easiest winter tires to purchase.

The ample retail options make price shopping straightforward too.

Comparison to Similar Tires

The General AltiMAX Arctic 12 compares favorably to other popular winter tires like the Michelin X-Ice Xi3, Bridgestone Blizzak WS90, and Continental VikingContact 7.

Here’s how it stacks up:

  • Traction and braking: The AltiMAX Arctic 12 provides excellent traction and braking on snow and ice, comparable to the Michelin and Bridgestone tires. Its aggressive directional tread pattern with lots of sipes helps grip slick surfaces.
  • Handling: The AltiMAX Arctic 12 delivers responsive steering and handling in winter conditions. Its stability is on par with the Michelin and Continental tires when making turns on snow-covered roads.
  • Treadlife: General estimates the AltiMAX Arctic 12 will last around 50,000 miles. This is a bit less than the Bridgestone Blizzak WS90 but longer than the Continental VikingContact 7. For the price, the treadwear is quite good.
  • Comfort: The AltiMAX Arctic 12 provides a comfortable and quiet ride, showing minimal road noise on dry pavement. It’s not quite as refined as the Michelin but quieter than the Continental.
  • Severe snow rating: The AltiMAX Arctic 12 has the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake rating, certifying it can handle heavy snow. The Michelin and Bridgestone tires also have this severe snow rating.

Overall, the General AltiMAX Arctic 12 competes directly with premium winter tires from Michelin, Bridgestone, and Continental.

It offers an excellent combination of traction, handling, comfort, and treadlife at a more budget-friendly price point.

For drivers wanting a high-quality winter tire without the premium price tag, the AltiMAX Arctic 12 is an outstanding choice.


The General AltiMAX Arctic 12 is a well-rounded winter performance tire that excels in snow and ice traction but also provides a comfortable ride.

Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons:



Overall, the AltiMAX Arctic 12 is a great choice for drivers in northern climates who want a winter tire focused on snow and ice traction without sacrificing too much comfort or wear.

It’s ideal for daily commutes through snowstorms or icy conditions. Drivers looking for maximum snow performance for the deepest winter snow may want to consider a specialty winter tire.

For most drivers facing typical winter mixes of ice, snow and wet pavement, the AltiMAX Arctic 12 provides an optimal blend of winter traction and all-season drivability.


What is the expected treadwear for the General AltiMAX Arctic 12?

The treadwear of the General AltiMAX Arctic 12 depends greatly on driving conditions and maintenance routines. However, users can expect approximately 40,000 miles of treadwear before replacement is needed.

What are the warranty offerings by General Tire for the AltiMAX Arctic 12?

The AltiMAX Arctic 12 comes with a Mileage Warranty that offers up to 65,000 miles of pro-rated replacement coverage and a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee that allows a full refund or credit if unsatisfied with the tire’s performance during the first 2 months (60 days) after purchase.

What are the fuel efficiency benefits of the General AltiMAX Arctic 12?

The General AltiMAX Arctic 12 is designed to provide low rolling resistance, which can lead to improved fuel economy. The potential fuel savings with this tire could improve fuel economy by anywhere from 3-5%, according to industry research.

How expensive is the General AltiMAX Arctic 12?

The AltiMAX Arctic 12, as a premium all-season tire, comes at a premium price, ranging from around $150 to $190 per tire, depending on tire size.

What are the performance strengths of the General AltiMAX Arctic 12?

The AltiMAX Arctic 12 offers excellent handling and braking on snowy and icy roads, as well as a quiet and comfortable ride quality on dry and wet pavement. With its durable tread compound, it resists wear from winter road conditions very well.

General AltiMAX Arctic 12 Review
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General AltiMAX Arctic 12 Review: All-season, durable, comfortable for SUVs/light trucks.

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