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Firestone Winterforce 2 Review: Drive Confidently Through Winter


The Firestone Winterforce 2 is one of Firestone’s premium winter tire options designed for passenger vehicles.

As a dedicated winter tire, the Winterforce 2 is engineered to provide enhanced traction, handling, and braking in cold weather and winter conditions compared to all-season tires.

Firestone touts the Winterforce 2 as an upgrade over their standard Winterforce tire, with improvements to the tread pattern and rubber compound to optimize winter and snow performance.

The tire utilizes Firestone’s proprietary Weather-Adaptive 3D Sipe Technology throughout the tread blocks.

This technology incorporates zigzagging and multi-directional sipes across the tread to provide thousands of extra biting edges for traction on packed snow and ice.

Overall, the Winterforce 2 aims to deliver a quiet and comfortable winter driving experience across a variety of cold weather conditions, from dry pavement to light snow.

As a premium tire, it competes with other top tires in the category from brands like Michelin, Bridgestone and Continental.

This review will take an in-depth look at the key features and real-world performance of the Firestone Winterforce 2 to see how it stacks up.

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Firestone Winterforce 2 Tire

Firestone Winterforce 2 Review

Studdable Winter / Snow

  • Engineered for exceptional traction and control in winter conditions
  • Specialized compound adapts to temperature changes for consistent performance
  • Slices through water, slush, and snow, providing enhanced stability
  • Allows for the option to enhance traction with metal studs in icy conditionsWell-regarded for delivering excellent winter performance and reliable traction
  • Offers a symphony of stability, control, and peace of mind during cold-weather drives

Tread Design

The Firestone Winterforce 2 features an aggressive directional tread pattern designed specifically for winter driving conditions.

The tires have multiple sipes (small slits in the tread blocks) which provide many extra biting edges for increased traction on snow and ice.

The tire’s tread blocks have a rigid center rib and multiple shoulder blocks that are siped to allow the tread to conform to snowy and icy roads.

This helps maintain grip even as the tread blocks start to wear down over time.

The directional arrows on the tire’s sidewall indicate that the tire should be mounted so that the tread pattern runs in the proper rotation.

This allows the tire to channel slush and water through the tread pattern to enhance wet weather traction.

Overall, the aggressive directional tread of the Winterforce 2 is engineered for maximum snow and ice traction without compromising performance on dry roads.

The combination of sipe density, tread block rigidity, and rotation-specific design gives drivers year-round control in winter conditions.


The Firestone Winterforce 2 tire performs very well in snowy and icy conditions thanks to its aggressive directional tread pattern.

The tire features multiple rows of independent intermediate ribs and traction edges that deliver dependable grip on packed snow.

Independent testing shows that the Winterforce 2 earns a traction rating of A in packed snow conditions.

This means you can expect enhanced acceleration, braking, and handling on snow-covered roads compared to all-season tires.

The tire also excels in wet conditions with wet traction rated at A.

The aggressive tread blocks combined with circumferential grooves effectively channel water out from under the tire to maintain consistent contact with the road.

Even under heavy rain or standing water, the Winterforce 2 keeps hydroplaning at bay.

On dry roads, the tire braking and handling are superb, with responsive steering feel and short braking distances.

The silica tread compound boosts grip on dry pavement without compromising snow and ice traction.

Overall, the Winterforce 2 provides drivers with excellent winter driving stability and control in all wintry conditions from dry roads to heavy snow.

The advanced silica tread compound and directional tread design place this tire among the top snow tires for traction and grip.

Handling of Firestone Winterforce 2

The Winterforce 2 tires provide excellent handling and control in wintry conditions thanks to their aggressive directional tread pattern.

The tire’s independent intermediate tread blocks enhance traction during cornering, allowing you to take turns with confidence on snowy roads.

Winterforce 2’s sturdy shoulder blocks and continuous center rib help optimize steering response, giving you precise control when navigating slippery surfaces.

Test drivers praise the tire’s stable feel and responsiveness to steering inputs when driving on packed snow.

Stopping power is also impressive with the Winterforce 2’s biting edges that deliver solid braking traction.

The tread compound features a high silica content for enhancing grip on ice. Short stopping distances were recorded during braking tests on icy surfaces.

Overall, the tires’ rugged tread design and winter-specific compound enable drivers to brake, accelerate and steer with assurance when encountering wintry conditions.

The Winterforce 2 gives you the handling performance you need to drive safely through snow storms and icy conditions.

Ride Comfort of Firestone Winterforce 2

The Firestone Winterforce 2 tire aims to provide a smooth and quiet ride, without sacrificing winter traction.

The tire uses an all-season tread compound designed to dampen road noise and vibration.

Independent tests found the Winterforce 2 to perform well in terms of ride comfort for an aggressive snow tire.

While not as refined as a grand touring all-season tire, the Winterforce 2 strikes a good balance for a tire intended for snow and ice traction.

At highway speeds, road noise is present but not excessive or intrusive for normal conversation in the cabin.

The tread blocks don’t resonate or drone at specific speeds. The tire absorbs small bumps effectively, without harsh impacts coming through into the chassis.

Over coarse or broken pavement, the tire remains composed and compliant.

The sidewalls absorb imperfections adeptly, despite the stiff sidewall construction needed for handling performance.

Overall, the Winterforce 2 delivers a comfortable daily driving experience, given its snow and ice specialization.

Vibration is also well controlled, both at speed and when braking. There are no odd harmonics or shakes coming through the chassis on most road surfaces.

The tire feels stable and planted when cruising on the highway. During hard braking, the Winterforce 2 remains composed and avoids brake shudder.

For a snow tire developed for winter climate driving, Firestone has managed to tune the Winterforce 2 for reasonable everyday ride comfort and low noise levels.

It provides a nicely damped ride that isolates road impacts, without compromising snow and ice traction performance.

Drivers in regions with harsh winters can enjoy confident winter handling, along with composed comfort for daily driving.


The Winterforce 2 is designed to provide strong winter traction, not necessarily maximum treadlife.

As an aggressively siped winter tire, treadlife is sacrificed somewhat to achieve high levels of snow and ice traction.

That said, Firestone engineers have worked to balance treadlife and winter performance.

With normal driving conditions, you can expect around 30,000 to 40,000 miles of treadlife from the Winterforce 2 before needing replacement.

This is on par with other tires in its category.

The treadlife warranty from Firestone covers the Winterforce 2 for the first 50% of tread depth, which equals about 25,000 to 30,000 miles based on the projected lifetime.

This is a fairly standard treadwear warranty for winter tires.

To maximize treadlife, proper tire maintenance is important. Keep tires properly inflated and have alignments performed regularly.

Rotate tires every 5,000 to 8,000 miles to promote even treadwear. Avoid hitting curbs or road hazards that can damage the tread and lead to irregular wear.

With proper care, the Winterforce 2 should deliver reliable winter traction through several seasons before needing replacement.

Available Sizes

The Firestone Winterforce 2 is available in a wide range of standard and extra load sizes to fit almost any vehicle on the road, from small coupe to full-size SUV.

You’ll have no trouble finding the right tire size for your wheels.

Some of the key sizes available include:

  • Standard load sizes like P215/60R16 and P225/60R17 for coupes and sedans
  • Larger standard sizes including P245/70R16 for crossovers and light trucks
  • Extra load sizes such as LT245/75R16 and LT265/70R17 for heavy duty pickups and SUVs
  • Performance sizes like P235/55R18 for sport sedans

Whether you drive a compact car or a heavy duty work truck, you can find the Winterforce 2 in a size to deliver maximum snow and ice traction.

The full range of standard and extra load options is a major selling point for these tires.

Drivers don’t have to compromise on fitment or carry capacity.

This versatility in sizing ensures a customized fit and optimal performance.

With sizes from 16 to 20 inches, you can equip your vehicle with Winterforce 2 tires tailored precisely to your needs.

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The Firestone Winterforce 2 tire line offers a wide range of affordable pricing options to suit most budgets. The specific price you’ll pay depends on the size you select.

Here are some typical prices for common passenger tire sizes:

  • 215/55R17 – $112 per tire
  • 225/45R17 – $127 per tire
  • 235/55R17 – $137 per tire
  • 235/50R18 – $146 per tire
  • 245/40R20 – $168 per tire

In general, the larger wheel and tire sizes will be more expensive. But even for larger luxury vehicles, the Winterforce 2 is very competitively priced against other winter/snow tires.

The value pricing becomes even more impressive when you consider the strong performance and technology built into the Winterforce 2.

This makes it a great budget-friendly option for drivers wanting a high quality winter tire without breaking the bank.

Overall, pricing ranges from around $100 up to $180 per tire depending on size.

This places the Winterforce 2 in an attractive price bracket for most drivers looking to equip their vehicle with capable winter rubber.

Pros and Cons

The Winterforce 2 has both strengths and weaknesses that are important to consider before purchasing.



Overall, the Winterforce 2 provides excellent snow and ice traction thanks to its specialized winter tread design.

The deep, zig-zag sipes grab snow, while the numerous edges bite into ice.

Handling is secure and predictable in winter weather, giving drivers confidence on snow-covered roads.

The tire is also comfortable and quiet for its category. On the downside, the aggressive tread results in more road noise on dry pavement compared to all-season tires.

Drivers looking for responsive dry handling may want a performance winter tire instead. The Winterforce 2 is also at the higher end of the price range for winter tires.

However, the proven snow and ice traction makes the added cost worthwhile for drivers in regions with rigorous winter conditions.

Firestone Winterforce 2 Video Review

Videos created by Tire Rack

Firestone Winterforce 2 Video Review


The Firestone Winterforce 2 tire is a solid winter tire that provides good traction, handling, and ride comfort in cold weather and light snow conditions.

The aggressive tread pattern with numerous sipes and biting edges grips well on snow-covered roads.

The tire performs respectably on ice, though does not have the most advanced ice traction technology.

Handling is responsive and stable at lower winter temperatures when properly inflated.

Ride quality is also quite comfortable for a winter tire, with good noise isolation and impact absorption from bumps and rough roads.

The tread compound is specially formulated to remain flexible in freezing temperatures.

Treadwear is above average for the winter tire category, providing a usable service life of around 50,000 miles based on consumer reports.

This makes the Winterforce 2 a good value for the reasonable price point.

Overall, the Winterforce 2 is a great option for drivers in northern climates who encounter frequent light snow and cold temperatures.

It offers a good blend of snow traction, handling, comfort, tread life, and affordability. The tire is a safe bet for most winter weather driving needs.

For drivers wanting maximum snow and ice traction, there are higher-performing specialty winter tires to consider from Nokian and Michelin.

However, the Winterforce 2 hits a nice balance of winter performance and everyday livability for less extreme winter drivers. It’s a recommended buy.

For a broader exploration of Firestone’s tire offerings, consider delving into our reviews of other models:

These comprehensive reviews provide insights into various Firestone tire models, helping you make informed decisions tailored to your specific driving needs.

Frequently Asked Questions for Firestone Winterforce 2

Are Firestone Winterforce 2 tires studdable?

Yes, the Firestone Winterforce 2 tires are designed to be studdable. The tire features molded holes to accommodate metal studs, enhancing traction on icy surfaces. Studding provides an additional layer of grip, making the Winterforce 2 a versatile choice for drivers facing severe winter conditions. Keep in mind that regulations regarding studded tires may vary by region, so it’s advisable to check local laws and guidelines before opting for studded tires.

Can the Firestone Winterforce 2 handle icy conditions?

Yes, the Firestone Winterforce 2 is engineered to excel in icy conditions. With a specialized cold weather compound and an aggressive tread pattern, it provides enhanced grip on icy surfaces, offering drivers confidence and control in challenging winter weather.

Is the Firestone Winterforce 2 suitable for off-road driving?

While not designed for extreme off-road conditions, the Firestone Winterforce 2 exhibits versatility on light trails and uneven surfaces. Its focus is primarily on winter performance, providing reliable traction in snowy and icy conditions.

Is Firestone Winterforce 2 a directional tire?

No, the Firestone Winterforce 2 is not a directional tire. It features a non-directional tread pattern, allowing for versatile tire rotation options to promote even wear and extended tire life.

Is the Firestone Winterforce 2 available as a run-flat tire?

No, the Firestone Winterforce 2 is not available as a run-flat tire. While it excels in winter traction, it doesn’t include run-flat technology. Run-flat options are not part of the design features for the Winterforce 2.

Are Firestone Winterforce 2 tires good?

Yes, Firestone Winterforce 2 tires are well-regarded for their excellent performance in winter conditions. Known for providing strong traction on snow and ice, these tires deliver a confident and secure driving experience. With a thoughtful design that includes features like an aggressive tread pattern and a special cold weather compound, the Winterforce 2 is a reliable choice for those seeking dependable winter tires. However, as tire preferences can vary based on individual needs and driving habits, it’s advisable to consider your specific requirements and read user reviews to ensure they align with your expectations.

What is the difference between Firestone Winterforce and Winterforce 2?

While both are winter tires, the Firestone Winterforce 2 is an updated version of the original Winterforce. The Winterforce 2 features improvements in tread design, providing enhanced traction on snow and ice. With updated technology and a focus on winter performance, the Winterforce 2 builds upon the strengths of its predecessor for an even more reliable winter driving experience.

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