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Top 5 Best Brands of Commercial Truck Tires: Buying Guide and Reviews


There are so many brands of heavy truck tires. It is hard to decide which of them are good and which are bad.

Here are 5 best heavy truck tires brands. You can learn more about this necessary element of your truck.


The Michelin always uses a comprehensive approach to developing new technologies that enable to reduce costs of tires.

This strategy is embodied in new tires MICHELIN X ENERGY ™ SAVERGREEN, which combine fuel economy with the stability of exceptional longevity, as well as improved safety performance, offering 7% higher adhesion compared to the previous model.

Greater longevity means that all of these benefits are typical for the tire during all four phases of its time of use. It is one of the best heavy truck tires.

MICHELIN X ENERGY ™ SAVERGREEN helps to reduce fuel consumption by 0.4-0.5 liters per 100 kilometers.

These tires provide significant monetary savings. Freight forwarders can save over 500 liters of diesel fuel per year or about 1,000 liters during the first life cycle of the tire.

The advantage in fuel economy tire MICHELIN X ENERGY ™ SAVERGREEN 60% is achieved due to the tire carcass Energy ™ Flex, which means that savings will be achieved throughout the life of the tire.


Low price, high quality, excellent performance are the main features of this brand.

Hankook heavy truck tires are another milestone in the history of Korean corporations.

Constantly improving its products, including truck tires, Hankook is a growing sector of the global economy and ousting the undisputed leaders in this field.

It will take quite some time, and truck tires Hankook will become even more popular.

Engineers are constantly doing researches, making the truck tires Hankook increasingly better.

It should be noted that the truck tire manufacturer Hankook  refers to the quality of their products in awe.


The Japanese tire group Bridgestone is the largest in the Asia-Pacific region and one of the largest corporations of the world.

It offers a wide range of truck tires intended for trucks with high load capacity. Thus, one can choose high-quality Truck Bridgestone tires to meet one’s tastes and needs.

Bridgestone heavy trucks tires regularly win prestigious automotive tests and get a lot of positive feedbacks from drivers around the world.

There are so many models of heavy truck tires of Bridgestone: Universal Truck tires G611, M723, M840, R187, and VSJ, truck tires drive axle L355, L317, Truck tires Bridgestone for the axis of the trailer M748, R184, and truck tires steering axle R227, M788, R249, W990, and R294.


FULDA is one of the oldest tire manufacturers in the world. The principle of the company is “good quality – normal price”.

The excellent quality of these heavy truck tires is the result of a thorough study of the consumer market, using the latest technology and strict control.

The criteria specified in the manufacturing of tires FULDA are impassibility in alpine mountains, meadows, and fields, highways without speed limit.

You can safely and easily manage your vehicle in the most unpredictable circumstances.

GT Radial

GT Radial is a truck brand that belongs to one of the largest manufacturers of tires and rubber – PT Gadjah Tunggal throughout the Asian region, where plants are actually located.

GT Radial heavy truck tires are manufactured according to the latest global technologies. In the rubber compound of raw materials, they use high-quality Indonesian rubber, whereby the tire tread has a high life.

The whole plant engineering staff are qualified specialists from Germany, who worked in the factories GOODYEAR, CONTINENTAL, FULDA, and others. Equipment is also German.

Tires are not expensive due to the low price of rubber and the cost of labor.

Modern market offers a great many of heavy truck tires producers. The main question is how to choose the most suitable one.

The Tire Reviews Team
The Tire Reviews Team
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