Tire reviews

Choosing tires can be a big mess and it is almost impossible to make the right decision without reading tire reviews that help understand who is who on the tire market.

Tires are very important part of the car. You can have a powerful engine, perfect transmission and suspension but bad tires will cancel it all. All dynamic characteristics of a car depend on the grip, which is ensured by your tires. When it comes to safety, good tires are the first thing that stops you from crashing.

We understand that to find the right tires you need lots of information that can not be found in the tire specs or advertising. Manufacturers only claim the advantages of their products, but this is a preconceived opinion that only confuses car drivers. What can really help is the experience of specialists and simple car drivers that was collected and presented for you in our tire reviews.

What brands are presented?

On our website you can find the reviews of leading tire brands such as:

  1. Bridgestone
  2. Michelin
  3. Goodyear
  4. Dunlop
  5. Pirelli

as well as other mid range brands that gained popularity among drivers:

  1. Toyo
  2. BFGoodrich
  3. Yokohama
  4. Nexen and others.

Winter tires are a special category, where you can find reviews of famous Nokian tires and other outstanding tires that ensure good performance in cold weather conditions.

What kind of tire reviews do we provide?

Our goal is to supply you with comprehensive information in order to make your choice easy and well-grounded. Whether you own a truck, a SUV, a sports car that needs ultra-high performance tires, a passenger car or an off-road vehicle making its way through mud terrain – you will find appropriate reviews for anything you need.

The choice between one set of all season tires and two tire sets for each season is also a problem. If you don’t know which one to choose, just try to find reviewers with same cars as yours or the ones with similar driving habits (aggressive or calm and comfortable ride).

The reviews that you can find on our website contain tire ratings that help evaluate tires according to durability, performance on wet and dry surfaces, comfort and others. You will find advantages and drawbacks of each tire and tire brand, comparisons of different tires within a certain price range: premium, mid range and cheap tires.

Why do you need us?

What are the advantages of reading tire reviews on our website? First of all, it is convenience. All popular tire brands that are available on the market can be found right here. There is no need to waste your energy and time browsing the web and trying to find reviews of different tire brands online. To increase your awareness in the subject we also provide you with tips on tire management, installation and other helpful advice concerning tires. We are not affiliated with any tire brand, so reviewers are free to express their own opinion no matter if it is good or bad. In the end, we hope that our website will be a good tire buying guide that helps you purchase the right tires for your car.