Best Snow Tires for Trucks

Winter tires for trucks have to take very heavy duties and provide safe traction at the same time. We made a small review with the best snow tires for trucks that will help to make your choice easier. Here are the best 3 truck tires for snow.

Winter test results

Nokian Hakkapeliitta Truck E

New Hakkapeliitta Truck E is designed for trucks and buses that will be used in severe and frequently changing winter conditions. More than 1000 transverse sipes are dedicated to providing confident grip on snow and ice. The directional V-shaped tread design increases the efficiency of tire during acceleration and braking. It also facilitates good start from snow and course stability. The tire is extremely durable and has low rolling resistance owing to innovative multiple-layered compound. Hakkapeliitta Truck E conforms to Nokian traditions of making safe, durable and eco-friendly tires.

Michelin XDW Ice Grip

Michelin XDW Ice Grip guarantees you excellent grip and traction on surfaces like snow and ice. Innovative tread design with bidirectional wavy sipes ensures easy start and good breaking capabilities. Deep grooves help to eliminate snow from tire treads and special compound helps to hold the road perfectly. The tire is made from soft compound that works at very low temperature, at the same time it is durable and has long wear.

Continental HSW 2 Scandinavia

HSW 2 Scandinavia has particularly dense tread design for safe traction on snowy winter roads. New tire compound can withstand hard frost and give you extreme durability for long lasting operation.

Best Snow Tires for Trucks


Test results say that it is better to trust branded tires as they combine safe traction and stability with excellent tread wear, so these tires will last much longer.

Tire code tips

When choosing the best snow tires for trucks, pay attention to the tire code that is molded into its sidewall. For example 265/75/R16/100 means:

  • the tire has 256 mm width
  • its profile depth is 75% of 265 mm
  • it is radial
  • 16” in diameter
  • load index is 100 (equals to 800 kg)

Of course, tire dimensions should correspond with truck manufacturer specifications. Sometimes truck owners want to increase the load-bearing capability of their vehicle and look for bigger tires. The important point here is the ply rating that specifies how much pressure a tire can withstand.