Toyo Open Country M/T Reviews

Many off road enthusiasts will be interested in Toyo Open Country M/T reviews, since this tire is really popular. If you like to get the most out of your 4×4, having proper tires is very important. Open Country M/T is specially designed for vehicles that have big clearance and require extreme off road capabilities an can withstand high loads.

This tire is suitable for all weather, and the manufacturer’s index M/T stands for mud terrain, meaning that your jeep or pickup will be able to go through almost every obstacle that nature can provide. Apart from wading through mud and rocks, the tire will please you with its style that adds some aesthetics to your vehicle.


  • The tread pattern is a real masterpiece of computer design: it provides your 4×4 with excellent traction on off road applications. Deep and wide grooves and scalloped shoulder blocks give the ability to cut through mud like butter.
  • The shape of the treads is computer-optimized to reduce the noise level and ensure good handling and comfort on the road.
  • The steel belts inside the tire help to withstand high loads for heavy duty pickups and/or off-road competitions.
  • Deep sipes provide necessary traction on wet surface and in winter.
  • Abrasive-resistant compound prolongs the tread life.
  • 3-ply polyester casing increases the load capacity not affecting handling and durability.


Toyo Open Country M/T is available in sizes from 33×13.50/R15 to 37×13.50/R24 and LT 305/70R16 – LT275/65R20. The speed rating can be P and Q (94 and 100 mph) for LT models and P for the rest. The load index for all models varies from 120 to 130 or from 3000 to 4200 lbs on each tire, in other words, the carrying capacity will be more than enough for most applications.


The price for LT tires is $320-20 depending on the size. The cheapest 31×10.50R15 is $280 and the most expensive 40×15.50R22 is over $1 000.


The general rating for Toyo Open Country M/T according to the reviews is 3.9 stars, but we have to mention that the standard evaluation system does not exactly show the actual value, since the tire is mainly dedicated to a heavy duty off-road performance.

Toyo Open Country M/T Reviews


As such, many characteristics like noise, comfort, handling and wet performance have around 3 stars, but the main point is dry performance where the Open Country has outstanding capabilities.

  • Dry – 4.8
  • Wet – 3.1
  • Snow – 2.7
  • Handling – 3.1
  • Comfort – 2.6
  • Noise – 2.5
  • Treadwear – 3.5


The only warranty for this tire is a standard Toyo limited warranty, with no regards to mileage.


Go to to find the closest Toyo dealer. All you have to do is type your Zip code or search using City and State option.

Coupons & Discounts

The discount for Toyo Open Country M/T can be found at online stores like Discounted Wheel Warehouse, Discount Tire, or you can visit coupon sites such as, or for some great deals. One more option is looking through off-road forums and websites.

Toyo Open Country M/T For Sale

Toyo Open Country M/T reviews are mostly positive and they tell that this tire is right for those who want uncompromised off road performance and load capacity. If you want to buy something more suitable for normal roads, look at another Open Country tire ­ A/T that is more versatile. However, if M/T is exactly what you are looking for, check out the best deals at Amazon.